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New article explains benefits and coverage of key renters insurance item.

Online PR News – 20-January-2010 – – Though renters insurance policies are not legally required, there’s no good reason not to have one. A renters insurance policy protects the renter from financial loss in case of property damage, vandalism, theft and most importantly, liability. Liability cases can easily run up into the thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. But if someone is injured in a rented unit—who pays? The renter’s insurance or the property landlord’s master insurance policy?

Each case is different, but if the responsibility truly does belong with the landlord, then the renter will have to prove it, according to a recent article from, “Get Covered With Renters Liability Insurance

“Unless the renter is okay with filing the claim with their insurance company and risk getting their premiums raised, they will have to prove that their landlord was responsible for the accident,” the article states.

However, renters who can’t prove the liability lies with their landlord may have to file a claim themselves, because “[n]o matter who is responsible, somebody is going to have to pay for an accident that causes loss or damage to an individual or to the property.”

There are several ways for renters to prove in court that the liability lies with the landlord:
• The accident was foreseeable and could’ve been prevented
• The landlord had control over the event that caused the injury
• Fixing the problem would not have been unreasonable
• The injury was caused by not fixing the problem that caused the injury
• The landlord failed to take reasonable steps in avoiding the accident
• The landlord’s negligence caused the accident that resulted in the injury

No matter who the responsibility belongs to, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. That’s why all renters should carry a sufficient amount of liability coverage on their renters insurance policy. To obtain free renters insurance quotes and to learn more about coverage options, talk to a local renters insurance agent and visit

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