New Website Gives Main Street Businesses Their Own Bailout
02/05/2009 utilizies grassroots philanthropy to help small businesses in the age of corporate bailouts.

Online PR News – 05-February-2009 – – Paralyzed by the economic crisis and on the verge of losing everything, Renee Pedro a Philadelphia based small business owner, has found a way to save her American dream and help, other small businesses being crushed, in this credit crunch. Utilizing the principle of grassroots philanthropy, Pedro conceptualized in December 2008. Her goal was to help small business owners find capital in this age of frozen credit markets. American small businesses employ more than 58% of the private work force.* Everyday miilions of Americans are becoming the collateral damage of greed and mismanagement on Wall Street, and incompetence in Washington. In the age of corporate bailouts, where are the bailouts for Main Street?

With frustrations running so high in this country, Renee thought it was important for people to be heard.
So her website,, allows regular people in need of help, to connect with regular people who want to help. Small business owners are simply asked to tell their stories. In their own words they can share how the economic crisis has affected them . All stories remain on the site for sixty days, upon verification that businesses are legitimate and actually exist. At, there are no bankers, no angel investors or venture capitalist scrutinizing business plans. A one time, one dollar donation is requested at the time of submission. Every little bit helps so donors are asked to give whatever it is they can afford. $1, $5,$10, and $20 donations are encouraged making it possible for almost everyone to make a difference. Donations are made directly to the business owner, through PayPal. is never involved with the acceptance or distribution of moneys. All transactions are private. is a place for hard working small business owners to find a little financial relief and save American dreams. *U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, September 2008

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