Dr. Sheena Kong: Fraxel Laser Is Effective For Wrinkles, Sun Damage & Age Spots

San Francisco area patients are seeing excellent anti-aging results with minimal downtime. Acne scars are diminished without surgery.

Online PR News – 15-November-2011 – – San Francisco, CA - The Fraxel laser treatment repairs damaged skin by promoting fast and natural healing, says Dr. Sheena Kong. “The Fraxel is a ‘fractionated’ laser treatment which can benefit women and men of all skin types including those with darker skin tones, who have not been good candidates for laser treatments in the past,” says Dr. Kong.

“ I see Fraxel as very effective for treating sun exposure, pre-cancers and fine lines and wrinkles,” says Dr. Kong. “The treatments cause the skin’s cells to produce more collagen, which is what gives skin its elasticity and thickness. It’s what makes skin look younger, and what diminishes as we age” she says.

"With Fraxel, we can 'reset' a person’s collagen back a few years with a full protocol of five treatments,” says Dr. Kong. “Pore size will be reduced, skin tightness will be improved and fine lines and wrinkles will be less noticeable.”

The treatments are also effective in reducing the appearance of acne scars, says Dr. Kong, who had acne scars herself. After having Fraxel laser treatments herself, Dr. Kong was so impressed with her results that she decided to offer the benefits of Fraxel to her patients.

"Fraxel is capable of quickly rejuvenating the skin, without interfering with a person’s normal schedule,” says Dr. Kong.

Dr. Kong says Fraxel laser treatments take about 20 to 25 minutes for a full face. Most people can return to their usual activities the very next day. Patients usually experience immediate results and will see the most benefit in three to five treatments.

For more information on Fraxel treatments visit the San Francisco Internal Medicine Associates website at http://www.sf-ima.com/services-laser.htm or call 415.673.7600.

About Sheena Kong, M.D.
Dr. Sheena Kong is a board certified Internal Medicine physician with extensive clinical experience in treating a wide variety of acute and chronic medical conditions and diseases. Dr. Kong graduated from Smith College magna cum laude. She attended Harvard University where she graduated with a Master’s degree in Medical Sciences. Dr. Kong graduated with a Doctor of Medicine degree from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. She completed her residency at California Pacific Medical Center. Dr. Kong is also fluent in Mandarin, as she was born in Shanghai, China.

Dr. Kong is highly trained and certified in the administration of Botox Cosmetic, dermal fillers and Fraxel resurfacing laser treatment. She was recognized with a Yellow Diamond Award for her commitment to the Fraxel laser treatment.

Dr. Kong is on the active staff of California Pacific Medical Center, St. Francis Memorial Hospital and Chinese Hospital.

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