VMAC Business Group to hold Brand Management Middle East Conference on 3rd & 4th March 2010 at Dubai, UAE.

Brand Management will be the next powerful Weapon to battle against the Global Economic Crisis.

Online PR News – 20-January-2010 – – ABU DHABI, JAN 20: The global leading business intelligence company, VMAC Business Group will be the host for a 2 days conference of one the most hotly debated topic in industry - “Brand Management Middle East”. The most anticipated conference of the year will be held on 3rd & 4th March 2010 at Dubai, UAE.

Brand Management provides powerful and ingenious techniques to further ameliorate and maintain an organisation's brand value in order to prevent the dreadful effects of brand mortality, where a brand dies off in the market. The astounding effects of brand management provide huge contributions to organisations, as it acts as a tool to mediate an organisation and its customers. Therefore, relevant exposures to concise techniques of brand management is indeed vital for organisations, which look forward to a continuous growth in the competitive market and organisations that want to ensure long term success.

In order to stand up in a superbly competitive market with the existence of a variety of Brands offering similar products and services, Brand Management simply can’t be ignored, and on the contrast, it should be further enhance especially during economic downturn.

VMAC Business Group’s Brand Management Middle East Conference will not only assist participants to discover ingenious techniques of managing their brand for maximal profit and sustaining power, but also provide you the ultimate solution to assure your organisation as a survivor in the competitive market during crisis and to enhance your brand value, which will ensure the existence of your brand for a long term period.

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