53 Local Vets Recommend the Safety of Pet De-Fence Hidden Dog Fence

Fifty three local veterinaries in Johnson County and the greater Kansas City area give thumbs up to safe.

Online PR News – 05-February-2009 – – February 2009 - Fifty three local veterinaries in Johnson County and the greater Kansas City area give thumbs up to safe, gentle and secure pet containment with Pet De Fence. Pet De-Fence has been installing hidden pet fences throughout the greater Kansas City and Lawrence areas for over 15 years.

Vets from Blue Valley Animal Hospital, Stanley Vet Hospital, Lionsgate Pet Hospital, Olathe Animal Hospital, Cherokee and Summit Park Animal Hospital have all used, installed and recommended pet containment, invisible dog fence and dog training methods employed by Pet De Fence to dog and cat owners.

Owned by Roger McCoy who developed the revolutionary SafeYard™ with GentleStart™ playful fence containment training technique, Pet De Fence gives customers professionalism and expertise in pet containment issues that are humane, safe and secure for your pet dog as well as your family and neighborhood.

Apart from being a pioneer in the modern, gentle SafeYard™ and GentleStart™ method, McCoy also earned an advanced certification in his "GentleStart™" training methodology. Together, these methods prove to be a gentle lesson that uses playful principles of awareness rather than fear. Being in the International Association of Canine Professionals, Pet De Fence brings customers updated innovations in dog training and pet fences that ranges from new and innovative training methods to invisible buried wire and underground dog fences, electric fen ces as well as electronic fences. Passion and a love for dogs are what keep the business going strong as customers can feel this passion in Pet De Fence’s work with dogs of all breeds and temperaments.

The products from Pet De Fence come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Pet De Fence is unique in the sense that they allow customers to choose how their pet containment system are maintained, by not requiring service agreements that most customers would lose money on. Customers can either purchase batteries from Pet De Fence or, they can opt on getting them at other stores or online stores. A low battery indicator light on the dog collar will let you know a week in advance if the batteries are running low in your underground electronic fences. With this system, customers can be sure that their beloved pet won’t be running out of the yard. Customers can be assured that the collars are the smallest and lightest collar receivers in the industry.

Our unique Triple-Zone features humane and fair containment while automatically increasing the correction should your pet decide to cross outside the boundary of their pet fences. This increasing stimulation encourages your dog or cat to return to the safety of his yard. This feature gives less initial stimulation compared to other brands but all the while maintaining your pet’s safety. These pet containment items, collars and underground fences are humane=2 0as well as safe and waterproof. The collar receiver for instance is encased in a high-impact ABS thermoplastic housing.

About Pet De Fence:

Pet De Fence has been in the pet containment and dog training industry since 1994 and provides professional and expert services, training and advice when it comes to containing your dog safely, securely and in the most humane way possible. Their range of products comes with a life time manufacturer’s warranty.

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