Result First - Delivering High Search Engine Rankings at Pay-for-Performance Prices

Companies increasingly choose ResultFirst in battle for critical high ranking on Google, Yahoo, and other major engines

Online PR News – 03-June-2009 – – San Jose, California, June 1, 2009 – ResultFirst (, the powerhouse, performance-based search engine optimization (SEO) service, is giving companies unrivaled power to reach critical top rank in search engine results. In a blistering competitive arena where rank determines success—and even survival—ResultFirst’s innovative model is a key resource for tapping the vast revenue potential of major engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Underlying ResultFirst’s success is a revolutionary pay-for-performance model that doesn’t tie clients into inflexible contracts. Freed from monthly subscriptions which offer no transparency into how their Web sites perform, clients can now use their investment to full advantage in driving response and revenue.

ResultFirst dominates SEO field with ingenuity plus raw power
ResultFirst has outpaced its competitors with a high-powered, three-pronged SEO strategy of pay-for-performance, transparency, and results. As companies struggled amid a major global economic downturn, ResultFirst pioneered new standards of cost-efficiency. ResultFirst lowers risk dramatically by charging nothing beyond minimal setup fees until client keywords reach top placement in Google, Yahoo!, MSN, or other engines. By contrast, conventional search engine optimizers charge by the hour or require a monthly subscription with no guarantee of results.

ResultFirst—fast becoming the first name in SEO
ResultFirst lives up to its name as a one-stop shop of SEO specialists who live and breathe SEO for Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search marketing and Microsoft AdCentre—the top search engine advertising networks. The company’s clients can reach their customers at every point in their purchasing and consideration cycles for optimal effectiveness. Creative landing pages and keyword bids are included for record-setting ROI.

Best practices and strategies add up to best results
To optimize client ROI, ResultFirst provides customized, one-on-one search engine marketing strategies supported by dynamic guerilla tactics that include advanced keyword research, competitor analysis, account setup with Google and major search engines, strategic ad copywriting and campaign creation, landing page development and installation of Google Analytics and/or conversion tracking scripts.

The company manages strategic bids, monitors and tweaks campaigns to optimize results, refines and tests ads, monitors click conversions and fraud activity. Poorly performing keywords are instantly replaced, while vital conversion figures are tracked—among other optimizing activities. Clients are apprised of performance at every step.

Sharply uptrending results for LucidEra confirm ResultFirst’s SEO leadership
Darren Cunningham, Sr. Director, Product Marketing for client LucidEra lauded ResultFirst for steep climbs in their Web traffic. LucidEra delivers sales analytics solutions on the industry’s first OnDemand business Intelligence Platform—a highly competitive market in which online presence is crucial. LucidEra turned to ResultsFirst for a total SEO program that included site refurbishing, navigational ease and search engine friendliness, turnkey pay-per-click setup and administration, creation of landing pages and integration with the Salesforce automation tool.

In four months, the company achieved enhanced rankings and 150 listings of its URLs at in the top 3 search engines. At the same time, LucidEra reduced costs substantially and drove more pre-qualified visitors to the Web site. “As a dynamic growth company, our business requirements change frequently,” said Darren. “With ResultFirst, we have the flexibility and agility to adapt campaigns quickly across Web site maintenance, SEO, and pay-per-click.”

“At Resultfirst, we are dedicated to optimizing the advantages of our client companies in a very demanding marketplace and global economy,” said Anand Krushnan, Director, Direct Marketing. “We’re delighted that our efforts have resulted in success, helping LucidEra deliver its message and prevail in its markets.”

About ResultFirst
ResultFirst is a performance-based search engine optimization service that charges clients based only on major search engine rankings for the keywords they select. Details of the service may be found at

About Tangence
Headquartered in San Jose, California, Tangence provides a comprehensive suite of marketing and sales services to a broad spectrum of clients across all sectors, and including major technology firms such as IBM, Oracle, and HP, Tangence was founded on the insight that a fundamental shift is underway in the services industry and that traditional tradeoffs between quality and value are no longer relevant. Tangence has pioneered a unique execution model that provides speed and scale of execution to clients with the added advantage of significant cost savings.