San Diego Storage Becomes Larger And Cheaper Than Ever Before

There are many storage service providers out there in San Diego. However, it is not difficult to remember the names of the best San Diego storage service providers as there are only a very few of them. BigBox storage in San Diego is one of the popular names to remember when it comes to best storage at cheap prices. Here is a chat with the service providers

Online PR News – 03-June-2009 – – San Diego, CA ( Onlineprnews ) Jun 03, 2009 - “Storage is something like a basic necessity to the people out there. In this fast paced lifestyle you will have to move and store your belongings frequently. This is where the storage systems come in to play. Unlike the other storage services available out there, our process is very simple. We are offering storage solutions to the people of San Diego since past many years and have added convenience to the life of residents of San Diego. The San Diego storage ( solution that we provide and easy three step process and you don’t have to wait for ages to get your belongings packed and stored safely. With the introduction of the online portal for San Diego storage, you can store your belongings with just a few mouse clicks”, Says Mr. James of

When asked about the specialty of the BigBox storage systems, Mr. James said, “We don’t create any hype the market as many of the others do. Client satisfaction is our main motive and so far we have succeeded in providing atmost client satisfaction. You will be well aware of the fact that storage in San Diego or any other part of the world is a tedious and time consuming process. However, things are very different when it comes to BigBox. As out company name indicates, we are offering the largest storage in San Diego. Coming back to the storage process, first of all, we will provide the clients of San Diego with a storage box. The size of the storage box will be dependent on your requirement. Once you receive the storage box or big box that’s what we call it, you can start packing your items. Once all items are packed, you can lock the big box and ring us. We will pick the packed big box and will store it safely.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. James said, “We are providing certain discounts for storage in San Diego. If you schedule a San Diego storage ( online, through our new portal, you can save 25$ straight. Scheduling storage online will help you to save your time too. Hence we highly recommend using the online option to use our services.”

Considering the additional discount to the cheap pricing of the largest storage available in San Diego, BigBox is certainly a popular name to remember.

About BigBox

In 2002, BigBox first set in motion to provide storage renters with an alternative to "traditional" self-storage. From their initial facility in San Diego, CA, they have continued the expansion of their portable storage services via additional company-owned facilities as well as franchise outlets. For more information, visit

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