Internet Marketing Company, Monroestar, Helps Websites With New Applications & Content Management

Monroestar, an internet marketing company, recently created innovative application solutions for two very different businesses. The company continues to display innovation and flexibility, meeting varied demands with strong solutions

Online PR News – 19-January-2010 – – CHICAGO, IL – Monroestar, a top Chicagoland internet marketing and design company, has continued expanding to meet the needs of varied clients. Recently, Monroestar announced the completion of two new projects, one for a leading options trading consultant, and the other to help teach children about nutrition.

The first project was completed for Charles Cottle, a well known author and lecturer looking to expand the online presence of his options trading consultancy. Cottle helps inform the public about options trading for the real world as The Ri$k Doctor, but his web presence remained very underdeveloped. Monroestar was asked to step in and assist with website redesign, and the company announced that it will continue maintaining the site and adding features. Their current focus is the website’s content management system.

Monroestar also announced the successful launch of the Eat Like A Bear game, produced for their longtime client Pro Sports Experience. Pro Sports Experience had partnered with the Chicago Bears football team to create a web application that would help educate children about nutrition. The Chicago Bears players would be featured, inspiring children playing the game to learn more readily, but the rest of the game mechanics remained vague.

No matter where your business is based Monroestar promises every client personal attention and an individual solution that really fits your needs

The design team at Monroestar took over from there, developing the major aspects of the game. They created the look and feel of the game, as well as determining the logic that guided gameplay. The final product has since been unveiled on the Pro Sports Experience website, where it is helping children and parents work together toward healthier eating. In the game, the children choose eleven of the Chicago Bears players who will visit their 'restaurant.' The child will then be asked to choose a food for each player based on specific dietary criteria, i.e. find the least fatty food, or the food with the highest amount of carbohydrates. If the child picks the wrong food, then the football player will choose not to attend their 'restaurant.' If they have enough correct guesses, the child wins the game. In order to prepare the children to play, the game presents basic nutrition information at the beginning.

One of the most interesting aspects of Monroestar’s latest two projects is how diverse the applications created had to be. For the Ri$k Doctor website, the company created mostly behind-the-scenes support software. But with the Eat Like A Bear game, the company’s designs are an integral part of the user experience. For Monroestar, this kind of variety is commonplace.

“We are proud to provide marketing solutions for a wide variety of situations. It is always an honor to do our best for our clients,” said Vinay Mullick of Monroestar.

The internet marketing company seems poised to continue doing just that. In the coming months they expect to unveil more completed projects, tackling a still wider range of client needs while continuing the web and print design services that Monroestar has always offered. Although Monroestar is based in the Chicago area and many local businesses choose the company for their marketing needs, it is also seeing increased national and international growth. They expect the trend to continue in 2010, but don’t expect to see the quality of their work diminish.

“No matter where your business is based, Monroestar promises every client personal attention and an individual solution that really fits your needs,” said Mullick.

As Monroestar has proven with their two most recent projects, that promise is very real.

About Monroestar:
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