New KM Software Uses Proven Techniques for Day by Day Knowledge Organization

Web-Site-Scripts Company, the Leading KM System Provider, has presented extended set of KM tools this time.

Online PR News – 03-June-2009 – – Web-Site-Scripts Company, the global leader in Knowledge Management Software, announced today that its flagship KM Software – KnowledgeBase Manager Pro has acquired a number of KM tools that allow simple adaptation of this software to particularities of any organization.

KnowledgeBase Manager Pro is a rising star on KM Software market. Its main mission is increasing of organization activities effectiveness in modern, fluid situation, when accumulation and handling of information becomes the highest priority in competitive activity. The important feature of this KM System is ability to integrate activity of departments that work in different offices or even countries. Another valuable capability is publication of information to unlimited number of targets: websites, intranet network, knowledge base shared with partners and anything else including mobile devices that are in use by organization employees.

Announced set of KM tools satisfies the needs in creation of information that demands special formatting, in allocation of access permissions between KM Software users, in distribution of information, and in adaptation of knowledge base to specific tasks.

According to Gregory Koldirkaev, CEO of Web-Site-Scripts Company, team that works on this project is oriented on regular releasing of new tools in order to cover the whole application domain of knowledge management. “We will release a new version of KM Software each 1-2 quarter for long years. All current clients receive and will continue to receive new versions for free in future”.

The first of new tools is editor of knowledge base information articles. It was developed to show information exactly in the same way as it will appear after publication on websites and intranet. It has a look of common rich text editor and among other things has functions for insertion of images, flash-animation, and media data of any format. It is possible to add a link to any existing article from the knowledge base by clicking on a single button. Built-in Media Storage allows creation of image and video collections.

Access permissions allocation tool obtained ability to set access to each function of KM Software. More than 70 settings allow involving to working with the system such people as designers, authors, TOP management, partners, client groups, departments, etc and keeping proper security level. In addition, this eases work with the application for people who has narrow set of tasks – they do not see 'unnecessary' buttons, links, windows, so they can better concentrate on their main goal.

One more innovation is the ability to create custom fields for articles. It is possible to add fields of any type – text fields, dropdown fields, multiple selection fields (more than 12 types are announced on the website) additionally to standard fields like author, date of creation, article version, article reference number, etc. By that very fact the ability of adaptation of KM System to organization particularities is provided by adding of such fields as department, article type, and any other.

"You can now divide your knowledge base into several categories with different level of user access, and open for public access unrestricted categories only. On the other hand, it is possible to have several knowledge bases on different subject fields within one KnowledgeBase Manager Pro installation and publish them on your websites separately using this feature" is said on the Web-Site-Script Company website about the last of announced KM Tools. Called to provide maximum number of settings for information presentation, it is extended with the ability to edit articles right on the website without entering to control panel.

Web-Site-Scripts Company helps its clients to change approach to organization and management of data in a fundamental way, thus enable organizations to increase their activities effectiveness in modern dynamic environment. Web-Site-Scripts Company integrates solutions in areas of business knowledge management, business wiki software, FAQ & customer support software, etc. in a single product – KnowledgeBase Manager Pro. For additional information on the KM Software by Web-Site-Scripts Company visit

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