Gravity Jack, A Custom Augmented Reality Software Developer, Raised $250,000 To Launch A New App

Investors bought in to the groundbreaking technology that Gravity Jack's team has created. The investment will enable Gravity Jack to launch a new augmented reality project in 2010.

Online PR News – 19-January-2010 – – LIBERTY LAKE, WA - With the demand for iPhone and Android Applications surging, Gravity Jack, a new custom augmented reality software developer, recently turned to investors to raise $250,000 in seed money for an augmented reality project that has yet to be released.

The concepts, which Gravity Jack will have patented by February, held such promise that the upstart company actually had to turn away some investors. Since it has an existing revenue model that cash flows very little was needed to fund the extra development efforts. "Raising money can be difficult in this economy, but we were very fortunate that our investors believed in our groundbreaking product and company mantra enough to provide seed money for our project launch. We are super stoked to bring our project out of stealth mode and launch it, because augmented reality is the sector to watch in 2010," said Jennifer Richey, CEO of Gravity Jack, Inc. (

Augmented reality is a combination of overlaying 3D objects or data on things that don't exist in the real world. Augmented reality has been used in television for several years. A well-known example of the technology is seen during sporting events such as football, where computerized goal lines are superimposed over the live video of the field. The technology is also frequently used in competitive swimming events including the Olympic Games where a virtual line moves with the video to indicate the position of the current world record holder at that time.

Gravity Jack's updated augmented reality patents, combined with the advancements in mobile technology, provide promising new ways to use the older augmented reality techniques in an ever-growing tech world. In addition to the company's own apps in development, Gravity Jack also develops robust software solutions for other companies-from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Gravity Jack's team of developers include game designers/programmers who have a strong history of success in gaming, entertainment and website design and development. The company offers a variety of custom software development solutions including design of websites, networks, applications and databases; software creation in more than 50 programming languages; and consulting and network solution support to businesses in a wide variety of industries.

While technology advances in leaps and bounds, Gravity Jack is prepared to keep up with the latest operating systems and continues to offer companies with development of both in-house and retail software. In-house capabilities include custom content management systems, e-commerce solutions and website design. The company currently offers retail custom software development for iPhone, Android, Wii and Playstation platforms.

About Gravity Jack: Gravity Jack, Inc, was founded by Luke and Jennifer Richey in 2009. The company designs and develops robust software solutions for all industries including in-house (vertical market) and retail software for both the iPhone and Android operating systems (

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