Outwell Montana 6 family tent – vastly improved for 2010

The Outwell Montana 6 is a premium family tent distributed by OASE Outdoors; the tent has become a flagship product in the outdoor market which has created a mass following of camping enthusiasts. Introduced into the UK market over ten years ago, the Montana 6 has dominated the family camping marketplace ever since.

Online PR News – 19-January-2010 – – Outwell’s philosophy of improvement is key to their strategic aims within the camping equipment marketplace. Their attention to detail and customer feedback has led to them being market leaders in terms of both quality and innovation. 2010 is an important year for Outwell, with many competing brands such as Vango and Gelert becoming stronger, it is important for Outwell to strengthen their grip on the marketplace.

One of the main changes throughout the range this year is the addition of a large range of weekender tents such as the Carolina and Nevada tents. All designed to compete with the likes of the Vango Icarus and Artemis tents. Additionally, Outwell have improved key models such as the Montana 6 to ensure they offer more to the family camper than many of the rival competing camping brands.

New improvements on the Outwell Montana 6 tent for 2010

- New green in green stripe added for 2010, these add colour to the interior of the tent making it far more homely, very similar to the Avantgarde interior stylings.
- Revamped porch on the front of the tent, the main brow pole has been changed to be far more stable and too add a little bit of height to the family tent.
- The tent now has a fully enclosed awning which can be purchased separately from OutdoorWorldDirect.co.uk. This fully enclosed porch adds far more privacy, space and comfort to the popular Outwell Montana 6 tent. Most importantly, the awning will attach onto older models of the Montana 6 tent.

What has made the Montana 6 so popular is previous camping seasons?

- SIG – sewn in groundsheet system prevents draughts and protects from the weather.
- OPS – the Outwell Power Stability system ensures the stability of the tent remains consistent throughout any camping experience or poor weather conditions.
- Sleep comfort of four people.
- Tunnel style structure allows plenty of internal living space making the tent a comfortable camping home.
- Carpet and footprint ensure the tent has all the necessary add on accessories to ensure a more luxurious camping experience.

For 2010, the Outwell Montana 6 tent will remain a key line in the camping equipment marketplace, the features and benefits it offers the family camper are far more superior when compared to rival products. Additionally, the design and build quality of Outwell tents ensure that they will remain as one of the market leaders going forward into 2010.

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