Dr. Calvert Diagnoses a Man with Gynecomastia on the Tyra Banks’ Show

Dr. Jay Calvert, a Los Angeles based plastic surgeon has been offering his consultation services for free on the Tyra Banks’ show. A man with Gynecomastia was one of the patients he treated during one episode of the local TV how.

Online PR News – 19-January-2010 – – During one of Tyra Banks’ Show, a man named Frank described his abnormally large mammary glands and Dr. Jay Calvert, a renowned plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles, California, explained the possible procedures that he would like the patient to undergo.

Many people who are struggling from obesity or being overweight are going through drastic ways to alleviate their condition. Numerous people have triumphed over this situation and among these men include Frank, who was able to lose over 200lbs within a year and a half.

It may seem that Frank was able to overcome his weight problems; however, he was faced with yet another problem. His rapid weight loss left him with excess skin on his breasts, abdomen and all over his body. Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jay Calvert diagnosed Frank with Gynecomastia, which is a state where a man’s breasts are abnormally large.

Dr. Calvert explained how men are able to get this disease. He said that, “the most common reason is just with puberty. Some men have a little bit of breast tissue behind the nipple and they can grow pretty significantly with hormonal fluctuations.”

In addition, Dr. Calvert also stated that anabolic steroids may also cause this disease. “Men who are overweight have a lot of circulating estrogen that can cause it (Gynecomastia) as well” adds Dr. Calvert. He also adds that with a dramatic weight loss such as the case of Frank, the skin is already so stretched and that it will not retract.

Dr. Calvert did a primary consultation on Frank’s condition and offered specific solutions to his problems. He also encouraged Frank to visit his office in order to do a full consultation. Dr. Calvert needed to get Frank’s medical records in order for the surgery to be as safe and effective as possible. He is positive that he will be able to provide Frank the necessary treatment to correct his condition.

Aside from being an expert in male breast reduction, Dr. Jay Calvert, a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, also specializes in other surgical methods for males such as rhinoplasty, face lifts and eyelid tuck among others. For female patients, he offers breast augmentation, body lifts, face-lifts and nasal surgery reconstruction including secondary rhinoplasty. Dr. Calvert earned hi medical degree at the Cornell University Medical College in New York and completed his General and Plastic surgery training at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He is now based in Los Angeles and consults with patients in his offices at Beverly Hills and Newport Beach.