San Antonio tech entrepreneur seeking to tap into smartphone app market

Dale Hardy Jr. CEO of New Global Ventures in San Antonio Texas, has launched a new mobile application platform for small business web design clients.

Online PR News – 06-November-2011 – – A team of local San Antonio web entrepreneurs are now promoting a new mobile phone application and has launched a business around it designed to help companies make the most of online mobile marketing.

The new company was formed in April when Dale Hardy Jr., founder of New Global Ventures, joined forces with Greg Berlanga, founder of The venture will retain the New Global Ventures name and will use a platform for a new mobile Web application to help clients gain more exposure for their Web sites.

“It is getting to the point now where all web sites designed will need to be mobile compliant if they are going to be found on search engines,” says Berlanga, regional sales manager for New Global Ventures. Web sites that are not designed to be easily viewed on mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are going to be left behind in this new era, he adds.

Berlanga says large search engine companies such as Google are starting to give a higher priority to Web sites that are mobile compliant.

“I’m surprised that some companies are still building Web sites that aren’t mobile compliant,” he says. “They are doing their clients a disservice.”

The new mobile Web application being marketed by New Global Ventures puts a company’s Web site into a format that is easily viewed and accessed on a smartphone. The company currently has a version available for use on the iPhone and Android smartphone and plans to have a version for the Droid available within the next two to three weeks.

Hardy, operations manager for New Global Ventures, developed the new mobile application with the idea of creating an affordable and effective way for businesses to transfer their Web-page content to mobile devices.

“We spent months researching ways to make it simple enough to work on all platforms,” Hardy says, “but still have all the functionality that the customers want.”

The market for mobile applications is becoming over-saturated, Hardy adds, and people are finding that it takes a lot of space on their phones, so applications have got to deliver some value for people to want to download them and keep them on their phones.

Application Launch

New Global Ventures launched its mobile application in July and currently has seven business clients. The company charges its business clients around $2,500 for the application platform, plus for the work they do on the company’s Web site to make it mobile compliant and search-engine optimized. There is also a $55 per month service and maintenance fee.

Once the NGV application is customized to handle a client’s online content, the client then makes it freely available to their customers to download onto a smartphone.

Pierre Kranzle, owner of Calypso Restaurant located just outside Loop 1604 off of Bandera Road, says the mobile application makes it easy to browse his Web site on a smartphone.

“I am very happy with their design ideas and their application works very well,” he says. “They were able to understand what I wanted and had some great ideas that really hit the nail on the head.”

Kranzle says he had previously been working with another San Antonio Web development company that couldn’t understand what it was that he wanted.

“Before, I had just a static page with a menu,” he says. “Now the web site is more appealing and it is easy to browse and go where I want.”

New Global Ventures currently employs four people in addition to Hardy and Berlanga. All the work is done in-house with nothing being outsourced, he says.

Berlanga says they expect to hire six to eight more people over the next two years, including Web designers and sales staff. He notes that there is more than enough work to do because so many companies have old Web sites that are becoming increasingly obsolete.

“Most of our clients have really outdated Web sites and they come to us to help redevelop and streamline them,” Berlanga says. “We start out as a consultant without trying to sell them anything and show them what they need to do to make their Web sites more user friendly.”