Easydisplay International Co., Ltd. Develops First Completely ¸Biodegradable Banner Stand: The Easy X Bamboo Banner Stand

The Easy X Bamboo banner stand is made of premium, completely biodegradable bamboo.

Online PR News – 02-June-2009 – – Easydisplay International Co., Ltd. - manufacturer of banner stands - has sensed the necessity of ecological responsibility. Therefore the China based German company has developed a banner stand which is able to meet highest demands in every aspect. The Easy X Bamboo banner stand is made of premium, completely biodegradable bamboo. Merely the central connecting piece and the hooks for anchoring the banner to the stand are made of recyclable plastic. Besides from the biodegradability the fast growing raw material bamboo has more ecological qualities to offer. A newly planted bamboo sprout only needs two years to grow to its full size by a growing rate of up to one meter per day. Often it reaches a height of more than 30 m. In a lifespan of 35 years a single bamboo can produce 15 km of utilizable haulm. That makes bamboo to one of the most efficient plant material.

But also in terms of practical usage the Easy X Bamboo banner stand do not hold any disadvantages compared to a conventional banner stand. Bamboo possesses a high amount of lignin which provides strong durability. The natural structure of bamboo – round, light, hollow, and divided in single compartments – provides further stability. Moreover bamboo is waterproofed, highly chemically and fire resistant. Overall the natural characteristics of bamboo are predestinated to deliver a high-graded banner stand: light, robust, elastic.

Accordingly the Easy X Bamboo banner stand weighs only 1.7 kg. Designed for indoor point of sale application the Easy X Bamboo banner stand is set up in less than one minute and can be used with three different banner formats: W 50 x H 120 cm, W 60 x H 160 cm, W 60 x H 180 cm. More information: http:// www.easydisplay.com.cn