Discount Favors Makes It Possible To Customize Promotional Rubber Ducks Too

Promotional rubber ducks are the most attractive promotional items available in the market. This promotional product is not that widely used because of the fact that the customization options are very limited. However, we have changed the way of promotion through rubber ducks, according to the professionals of Discount Favors.

Online PR News – 02-June-2009 – – Pensacola, FL ( Onlineprnews ) Jun 02, 2009 - “Promotional rubber ducks are becoming the new trend in brand promotion. Rubber ducks in brand promotion? Does it seem odd? That is not odd; the rubber ducks are the cheap and effective promotional items when compared to most of the other promotional products out there. The effectiveness of the rubber ducks in brand promotion depends on the customization that you apply to them. You’d have noted that most of the promotional product manufacturers just print your company logo and the promotional message on these rubber ducks ( and demand very high prices for it. This is not actual customization. Customization should change everything such as the color, shape and size of the rubber ducks. Now you may have a question that what other shape can ducks be? The rubber ducks will be in the conventional shape but you can add your business theme to them” says Mr. Carl of Discount Favors.

Speaking about the custom rubber ducks, Mr. Carl said, “Coming to the shape customization of these rubber ducks, they can be customized to suit the business or service you offer. Let’s assume that you own a healthcare unit. The rubber ducks can be customized with a doctor theme which will be a duck holding some medical equipment. The best example for such promotional products is the Doctor Rubber Ducks ( available with us. Hence any business theme can be applied to these cheap rubber ducks. The construction worker rubber ducks, angel rubber ducks, soccer rubber ducks are some of the noticeable designs available with us.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Carl said, “Unlike the olden days when all the rubber ducks came in single yellowish color, today they can be made of any color. The Angel rubber ducks for example come in pure white colors. Multi colors can also be added to them and the Soccer rubber ducks are excellent examples for that. The success in using the rubber ducks is clearly evident from our client testimonials. Most of the clients appreciate our printing quality because we make use of the most advanced printing machinery for printing logos and promotional messages on these rubber ducks. To the added advantage, these promotional rubber ducks are made from 100% recyclable materials and so it will help you to build a positive reputation for your brand.”

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