Ad & Carry Announces John Boy & Billy Sweet Tea To Come Onboard

Available only in Food Lion stores, John Boy & Billy and Big Show Fulfillment looks to a new marketing concept to promote their line of Sweet Tea.

Online PR News – 19-January-2010 – – Still in the prototyping and design phase, the Ad & Carry promotional shopping bag handle is receiving nothing but positive feedback on its concept. Recently, a popular brand name, John Boy & Billy and along with Big Show Fulfillment approached the group involved with Ad & Carry about placing their name along with their new line of sweat tea on the handle. “We saw all the advantages to partnering up with Ad & Carry and for less than what it would cost to do other print advertising, it gives us a marketing edge over anything else we have seen” says a member of the John Boy & Billy Big Show. Along with their successful morning radio show heard throughout the US, the John Boy & Billy brand also has a popular line of grilling sauces.

What started out as a project to raise money for a local high school and to provide local businesses a vehicle to bring awareness to their brand has started to show promise, part of the Ad & Carry’s business plan now is to test a franchise model. Which they feel will create a much larger growth opportunity for the company. Michael Webb, designer and developer of the handle feels that because the company is still in its infancy Salisbury, NC offers a great research opportunity to see how well it is received. Most people do their grocery shopping within just a few miles of where they actually live. So it should go without saying that for local business this offers the best opportunity to capture the attention of their customer.

Like its predecessor that distributed almost one million units in its first shipment, the new Ad and Carry is drawing attention from brand names. “The first generation was an immediate hit and was released with names like Ocean Spray and Ortega branded on them”, said Webb.