Knowledge Base Software v5.2 by Web-Site-Scripts – Major Update

Web-Site-Scripts Company, the Leading KM System Provider, presented KnowledgeBase Manager Pro 5.2. With the new set of knowledge base tools, this application helps with better organization of collaboration work, improvement of customer service, automation of business knowledge management, and creation of extranet knowledge base.

Online PR News – 18-January-2010 – – New version of KnowledgeBase Manager Pro shipped. Main advantages comparing to the previous version are new search methods, searchable attached documents, and article templates support.

It has become a good tradition for Web-Site-Scripts Company to review customer suggestions before creating a roadmap for a new version. Customers always know exactly what they want. All that successful Knowledgebase Software Development Company needs is to listen carefully to customer feedback and react accordingly.

After successful release of the Knowledge Base Manager Pro v5.1.1 that featured such needed for corporate knowledge base feature as LDAP support, Web-Site-Scripts Company analyzed customers' suggestions and decided that improvement of search engine is the outmost necessity for effective Knowledge Base Software. It was announced that next release is dedicated to search functions improvement and extension. We can see the results of that decision today.

First of all it is obvious that customer demands cannot be satisfied with simple keyword search in modern environment. Companies want to be effective and thus require advanced search capabilities that guarantee ability to find sought-for materials in knowledge base. Taking into account this desire Web-Site-Scripts Company has developed two additional search methods. Knowledge base system administrator is free to choose which search method is better for his environment at any moment.

One of the introduced search methods is full-text natural language search (also called "NLS"). Unlike keyword search, it does not just blindly find articles with words from the search query. It uses natural language processing to understand the nature of the question and then searches and returns a subset that contains the answer to the question. NLS is the one of the foremost search methods nowadays and online knowledge base software greatly benefits from its implementation.

Another powerful search method is good old Boolean full-text search. Although it is not as intelligent itself as NLS, it provides user with full set of tools that allow him to fine tune a search query by using Boolean operators that include or exclude documents with certain words from search results, change weight of any word, allow search for phrases with exact match, and support many other tools for best control over search results for users of Knowledge Base Tool.

"We left the choice between Boolean and NLS search methods for knowledge base administrators", - said Edward Nikolaev, Head of Support Department. "Each method has its own advantages. I would personally recommend using Boolean search for internal knowledge base and NLS for external knowledge base".

Due to the ability to search within attached documents of different formats one can integrate documents database into the PHP knowledge base software. All documents would be immediately and easily searchable since huge variety of document formats are supported now, including PDF, RTF, all versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, lots of plain-text formats, and many others.

The new release of the web based knowledge base software by Web-Site-Scripts Company also includes other improvements and implementations like Smart Search Suggests, Active Response, and Article Templates. World had never seen so convenient and effective knowledge base system.

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