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Outdoor Services Inc now provides lawn maintenance and pet containment.

Online PR News – 07-February-2009 – – February 2009 - Outdoor Services Inc is a company that offers Top-of-the-line products and services that are catered to beautify and improve your outdoor living spaces. The company, based in Richmond, Virginia, is founded by business partners Tim Schlothauer and Geoff Kelchner that have been in the business of yard care and pet containment for well over 20 years.

Their experience in yard-keeping and pet containment have established Outdoor Services Inc as a professional business and has earned itself the reputation for being a service provider that has outstanding quality and service. Since its establishment, Outdoor Services has grown to become a reputable company thanks to their loyal customers who refer their services to friends and family in their social circle. Truly, ‘word-of-mouth’ is the best advertising there is.

The services provided by Outdoor Services Inc compromise a variety of yard keeping and pet containments such as irrigation products, lawn care, landscaping, landscape lighting, pet fence, drainage and clearing. These services and products are provided to both residential and commercial customers.

As of 2009, the company has announced its foray into residential lawn maintenance contracts where by their loyal customers will get the full service of Outdoor Services Inc to design, build and maintain their gardens for a certain time basis, as agreed in the lawn maintenance contract.

In their irrigation products and services, Outdoor Services provides customers with service for any system, from simple adjustments and repairs to completely replacing a system that has run its course, which also includes Spring Start-up services as well as Winterization services for the irrigation products. For lawn care services, customers can look forward to a properly watered lawn with sprinklers and beautiful landscaping, giving your lawns that manicured look. The lawn care also includes landscape lighting that brings life to your lawn.

Last but not least, Outdoor Services Inc knows that a perfect garden and lawn not only attracts attention of humans, but pets as well. The team at Outdoor Services Inc knows how fast a beautifully manicured lawn can get all messed up by the digging caused by pets, especially dogs, which is why they even provide pet training services for your furry friends. They also provide dog pet fencing products by using

the Pet Shop pet fence system that uses an electronic pet fence system. Outdoor Services Inc also covers other services such as clearing and grading, paver patios and walks, and retaining walls as well as to dig trenches for electrical, satellite lines, and drainage. Outdoor Services also go the extra mile in providing a sand box play area for your kids.

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About Outdoor Services Inc:

Outdoor Services Inc is a specialist in yard-maintenance and pet containment that is owned by business partners Tim Schlothauer and Geoff Kelchner that have been in the business of yard care and pet containment for well over 20 years. Outdoor Services Inc provides irrigation, lawn maintenance, pet fencing, drainage with the highest in quality and standards.

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