Online marketing campaigns for retail businesses launched by Mehta Inc.

Mehta Inc. announces a launch of a unique eMarketing program for retail businesses

Online PR News – 18-January-2010 – – Mehta Inc, a leading digital marketing agency announced a launch of its unique eMarketing program for retail businesses. Effectively called the ‘Retail eMarketing Program”, the program is geared towards assisting retailers make the most of online media channels to influence buying decisions and increase effective customer communication.
“The program is unique in a way that it is targeted explicitly towards the retailer’s potential customers and uses Mehta inc’s proprietary tools to leverage interactive media channels to engage customers”
Team Mehta Inc. works closely with retailers to understand their businesses, their current marketing campaigns and then devise an online strategy for retailers promising enhanced customer communication reduced response time and increased visibility.
The program is rightly suited for retailers who want to focus on their core businesses while ensuring that they make the most of online channels to drive sales and increase communication.
The offshore presence of Mehta Inc in India helps them provide cost effective solutions to retailers without compromising on quality or effectiveness.
The program does require high levels of interaction and commitment from both teams. The minimum budget required for the program is USD 5000 per month with a commitment of a minimum of six months from the retailers.
The program is defined clearly with specific goals and objectives at various levels.