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Ideal for bars, restaurants, clubs, shops, nursing homes and hospitals or any business that uses rota staff. On Schedule is most unique and intuitive scheduling software available. Write schedules using the automated system or manually using the drag drop interface. Saves time and money by shortening the scheduling process and creating more efficient schedules with better reporting

Online PR News – 03-June-2009 – – Nottinghamshire, UK, June 2009 – Creating staff rotas is time consuming for many companies; some people are employed solely to write schedules. Without scheduling software, the activity required to gather the needed information and to communicate and implement the decisions can be overwhelming to a scheduler. On Schedule the new online scheduler helps by either semi automating the process or providing all the required information on the graphical planner enabling easier decision making and implementation. This staff scheduling software makes the process quicker and more painless. On Schedule has sophisticated reporting like some other software but it stands out for making the schedule creation process easier. Most applications overlook this area.

As this is completely online scheduling software, communicating the schedules to staff is an inherent strength. Staff can view rotas online on the graphical planner in read only mode, or in text format. The text version of the schedules can be printed or viewed on a mobile phone. A single person or all staff members can be emailed schedules for the week with a single click.

Each employee has their own login giving them limited access to the system. Only schedulers have roster editing rights. Staff can view schedules and enter their availability. The availability data is used by the automated “few click scheduling system” to distribute shifts to staff. It is also displayed graphically on the schedule planner in the background. All the scheduler has to do is draw blue shifts over the top of the grey availability areas. Employees desire to be involved with schedule creation should not be underestimated.

The “few click scheduling system” should get a big mention. This is the automated system that distributes shifts to employees based on their entered availability and other algorithm factors. Firstly a template needs to be created. Templates specify the shifts that need to have staff assigned. They define, for example, that two supervisors and one manager are needed from 9 till 5 etc. Staff assignment is deferred to a later stage. At the click of a mouse the system draws together required shift times and available staff to present selected staff to the scheduler. The best thing about the “few click scheduling system” is that the scheduler can now intervene as much as they want. Shifts are displayed as a list of selection boxes containing available and unavailable staff with the initial selections made. Colours are used to give information to the scheduler on the effect of each selection. The “few click scheduling system” automates or semi automates the process giving the scheduler all the information at hand to finish the job.

The software has reports for managers on absence and payroll or budgeting. Exports for any brand of payroll system are available upon request.

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