Explains The Possibility Of Online Poker Legalization In California

The possibilities that the bill legalizing online poker in California, will be passed successfully and quickly, still remain vague.

Online PR News – 27-October-2011 – – The fate of online poker in California, as is the case with the rest of US, hangs in the balance. Legislators in California have had two different bills to consider, which would legalize online poker. However, feels that it will be quite a while before online poker fans in California will be able to play poker online again, as the State Senate has denied any possibility of the bill being passed anytime soon.

Senate President Pro Tem Darrel Steinberg stated that the possibility of either of the bills being passed remains dim for 2011. Also with the legislative year ending on September 9, there will be little time to consider working the bill through the legislature for the rest of the year. Steinberg stated that there are a lot of issues that need to be resolved, some of them being tribal exclusivity, what games should be authorized, eligibility to apply for online gaming licenses and federal constitutional questions.

But, Steinberg said, the possibility of trying again in January 2012 is a more viable proposition, as that gives enough time to get the whole issue right. The two bills would open the online gambling market in California in two different ways. One, proposed by State Senator Lou Correa, would allow Californians to only play real money poker online. The other, introduced by State Senator Rod Wright, would legalize not just poker but online gambling wholly.

Correa’s bill also proposes that operators of the poker sites be located entirely in California. This would limit opportunities for operators from other states to offer online poker services. Wright’s bill, on the other hand, allows only for three operators in the state, but allows operators from other states to apply for the license.

With the backing of the COPA (California Online Poker Association), observers are of the opinion that Correa’s bill is more likely to be passed. The proposal to legalize poker is not without its share of dissent, as many protest that instead of contributing to California’s economy, it will only lead to a potential rise in problem gambling.

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