Webcomic for Dungeons & Dragons Players Celebrates 500th Online Webcomic Strip

Inspired by a lifetime hobby of tabletop role playing games and his talent for writing and illustration, webcomic creator Kevin Pettway celebrates the 500th strip of Heroes of Lesser Earth – a webcomic for gamers.

Online PR News – 01-June-2009 – – 06/02/2009 Jacksonville, Fla – Kevin Pettway celebrates today the 500th strip of Heroes of Lesser Earth – an online webcomic for gamers based on role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons.

“After decades of playing and listening to gamer’s stories, there are an incredible number of common themes that occur,” states Pettway, “that makes it easy to create a comic that immediately connects with the audience.” As an avid D&D player himself, his hobby serves as a source of inspiration and material.

“I love to make stuff. I love to draw and I really love to write, so what else could I do? But the best part is being my own boss.” Pettway says when asked about his favorite aspect of creating this webcomic.

Gamers have grown up, and there is a ready audience for the strip. Much in the way baby boomers’ parents met to play bridge, there are communities of table top and online gamers who share the love of the game. And their age may surprise you. Reports show the average gamer is in his or her mid-thirties and has ready disposable income to invest in their hobby. While the hobby is still dominated by men, gamers are increasingly female in number, as wives and children of gaming families pick up the dice.

“The strip resonates with gaming audiences, whether fans of online, table top, or other more mainstream role playing fare, such as those popularized on the Playstation, X-Box, and Wii. The characters, the storylines, and the themes have a sense of familiarity, and the reaction is often “oh yes, this happened in my game too!” states Pettway.

“Making it to 500 strips is an accomplishment in this field. For many it is a hobby, for me it is a career. I can picture myself drawing this webcomic for years to come.” Pettway says. Originally a black and white, twice a week strip, over the last three years it has grown to a 5 day a week, full color comic. The strip has a regular daily readership, two printed books and a third book, I Can See My House From Here which will be published in July. Heroes of Lesser Earth was voted into the Top 10 Gaming Comics on the internet on the TopWebComics.com website for the month of May.

To enjoy Heroes of Lesser Earth visit http://www.HeroesOfLesserEarth.com.

About Kevin Pettway
Kevin Pettway grew up in Florida, went to school in the Jacksonville Beaches and Gainesville, met his wife Lena, got dogs, and settled in. Throughout an otherwise uninteresting career in the print industry working in computers and management, Kevin constantly drew cartoons for whatever newspaper or magazine would print him. In January of 2006 Kevin debuted Heroes of Lesser Earth, a Dungeons and Dragons based webcomic. For interviews please contact Kevin by email at Kevin@holecomic.com or directly at 904-389-9031 x 2.

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