$300 Million Renewable Energy Plantations Fund to contribute to Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Plantation Capital are launching the Renewable Energy Fund to help Asia Plantation Capital develop upto 100 Megawatts of Dendro Thermal Power Stations fuelled by over 100,000 acres of renewable energy plantations.

Online PR News – 17-January-2010 – – Whilst the nations of the world are meeting in Copenhagen amidst speculation of arguments and disputes as to who has to pay for climate change one company has already taken the initiative with the launch of a $300 million Renewable Energy Plantations Fund to be closely followed next year by an ambitious initiative to raise a $200 million Canopy Care Fund aimed at taking 191,000 Hectares of commercial Brazilian logging operation and turning it into a viable ecosystem based economy along the lines of Canopy Capital who launched a similar project in 2007 in Guyana.

Plantation Capital are launching the Renewable Energy Fund to help Asia Plantation Capital develop upto 100 Megawatts of Dendro Thermal Power Stations fuelled by over 100,000 acres of renewable energy plantations growing trees and other Bio Mass crops which never actually get cut down just harvested annually creating both a green tech energy source and sustainable bio diverse commercial operation simultaneously.

Asia Plantation Capital have recently taken over Evergreen Energy and are already starting to develop their first Dendro power plant in Sri lanka under its Future Energy programme which will be supplied from its own core plantations and backed up by 1000's of local growers on a Public Private Partnership helping rebuild fragile economies and supporting local communities in particular in the post war rebuilding programme in Sri Lanka and Mozambique,where energy tariffs for the countries and in particular Malawi are above the highest in the world.

Company spokesman Jay Perera “ this fund launch couldn’t have come at a better time with the whole world focused on developing renewable and carbon neutral energy systems and expanding the worlds forest which in turn can provide ethical and commercially viable returns for investors.The World bank have forecast that Timber,Grains (Corn and Wheat etc) and Energy are going to be the best 3 performing commodities for at least the next 10 years,at Asia Plantation Capital we now have all 3!”.

The global demand for bio mass production and in particular fuel pellets to supply the European and Chinese markets alone is growing at an unprecedented and unsustainable rate and contributing heavily to deforestation, based on current plantation capacities globally this demand simple cannot be met.The simplicity of the Plantation Capital system is the Tree we grow at the core of our plantations called Glricidia never actually has to be cut down,just harvested every 9 to 10 months after 1 st planting for its branches in a system developed in the UK by ADAS a department of DEFRA called Short Rotation Coppicing (SRC)using Willow.Because the tree never gets cut down it has the double edged effect of never ceasing storing carbon from the atmosphere in its roots and as its branches grow back continues to sequest carbon from the atmosphere;this means carbon emissions during the burning process are more than offset by the above and the massive emissions saved when compared to the main source of electricity generation the burning of fossil fuels coupled with the huge emissions during the mining and shipping process of for instance coal.

Plantation Capital and its fund promoters already have support for the projects from the following organisations:-

Sri Lanka

Human and Community Development Youth Organization (HCDYO) Registered as a Social Development Institute under the Department of Social Affairs in 1987.

Rajarata Community Development Partnership – established as a Community Development Agency under North Central Province in 2004.

Human and Community Development Youth Organization Limited (Commercial arm of HCDYO)

Green and Clean Lanka (Pvt) Ltd


Hoeganstram Logistical Services.

Asia Plantation Capital has also been accepted by The World Bank under its MIGA scheme to have insurance underwritten by the world bank in the countries we operate in, starting in Sri Lanka - insurance that protects any investors from any geo political risk factors.

We have maintained an untarnished record working with organizations (from 1987) such as the World Bank, The National Development Trust Fund, UNDP, UNHCR, Hunger Against War – France, The Canadian High Commission, The Canada Development Fund, Care International.

We have gained the membership of :

The World Energy Council (PPPP Model Global Renewable Energy Fund – USA)
Green Micro Finance Lending Fund – USA
International Fund for Agricultural Development-IFAD
(Dry Zone Livelihood Support and Partnership Prog.)
Global Village Energy Partnership
Global Water Partnership - Sweden
Sri Lanka Bio Energy Association
Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority
National Development Trust Fund
District Environment Consortium

Plantations Capitals second fund planned for launch next year is a totally different proposition very much based on the successful concept pioneered by Canopy Capital (www.canopycapital.co.uk) in Guyana where they are effectively marketing the natural forests as an ecosystem driven economy taking its reliance away from illegal logging.The Canopy Care fund being planned by Plantation Capital is more challenging as it intends to take up to 191,000 acres of a privately owned Brazilian commercial logging operation and move it completely away from its logging activities creating sustainable Bio Mass plantations and agroforestry on already deforested lands.The Royal Exchange Carbon Advisory are also developing a strategy to maximise both the Asian and Brazilian projects carbon credit values,the Renewable Energy Fund has already started its application under current KYOTO agreement as a CDM project and is being handled by www.naturesolutions.org. The project planned for Brazil will have a huge boost if the world leaders currently meeting in Copenhagen agree to make exsisting forests eligible for carbon credits,in which case Plantation Capital will be the only commercial forestry company focused on keeping trees in the ground just as much as harvesting-all indications from Copenhagen on this look encouraging for this all new green tech initiative.

Investment in the above projects is available either direct with Plantation Capital or through FSA regulated advisors into the Investment Fund,further details are available on request from www.plantationcapital.co.uk

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Plantation Capital operates sustainable forestry and agricultural projects in tropical countries. We offer customers an opportunity to invest in timber on our commercial plantations, delivering strong returns. Alternatively investors in agriculture can secure an annual rental income harvesting profits from their crops.

We offer investors the opportunity to benefit from sustainable projects with attractive yields. At the same time we are giving customers the chance to contribute
to protecting our environment.