“Musicians in London, New York and California are the most likely to be successful” – Says The Musicians Guide

A musician resource website called The Musician’s Guide to World Domination have suggested that musicians who live in London, New York or California are more likely to succeed in the music industry due to the increased competition in such areas causing a ‘survival of the fittest’ battle amongst musicians.

Online PR News – 16-January-2010 – – 16 January 2010, London – The controversial music article was published on The Musician’s Guide to World Domination blog on 16th January 2010 with screenshots from the websites own analytics data to suggest that London, New York and California are the three ‘proactive musician hot spots’ in the world.

Within an hour of going live the blog post became hot and gained number one rankings on many social media news websites such as Reddit.

Marcus Taylor, author of The Musician’s Guide says:
“Musicians in major cities are ultimately more likely to meet new contacts, find the best music industry resources on the Internet and have stronger online networks (Myspace, Facebook etc.), this is just a natural result of being in a more competitive market – it’s survival of the fittest.”

Although the maps seem to correlate closely with population density, the trend is still apparent that more musicians are pro actively searching for music industry information in major cities.

To read the full blog post visit: http://www.themusiciansguide.co.uk/blog/16/where-in-the-world-are-the-proactive-musicians/