Auto Tweets Negatively Impacting Google Caffeine 'Real Time' Social Media Feature

Automated Tweets as a Social Media Marketing strategy expected to dominate Google Caffeine's 'Real Time' search feature causing more harm than good.

Online PR News – 15-January-2010 – – A recent Internet Market Research study suggests that Automated Tweet programs as a Social Media Marketing strategy will lessen the effectiveness and quality of Google Caffeine's 'Real Time' search feature. This independent study indicated that Automated tweet 'abuse' will cause search users to become desensitized by this leading edge Google Caffeine application and result in content that will be viewed as 'spam'.

Irbtrax SEO Internet Market research is hopeful that individuals and companies who embrace Social Media Marketing best practice standards will restrain from abusing Auto Tweeting. This concern is based on two distinct categories:

Auto Tweets, tweets that repeat every 2-5 minutes, will shortly become viewed as 'spam'. A Twitter version of Internet graffiti.

Google may determine that companies and individuals using this practice are not providing the best possible 'real time' search results. And user search experience is the top priority for Google Caffeine. As a result, Google might implement a filtering system and companies and individuals abusing Auto Tweeting could find their messages blocked or limited.

With optimal user search experience the goal of Google Caffeine, Irbtrax suggests that individuals and companies currently using Auto Tweeting consider sending out no more than one every 15 minutes.

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According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir-

"I've personally witnessed Google Caffeine's forward looking 'Real Time' search results, and there's no doubt it has great value. However, much of the content was dominated by a few individuals or companies repeating the same exact information over and over every few minutes. Which doesn’t make for an optimal search experience."

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