Tumescent Liposuction Is Found To Be A Better Way To Make You Fit

The history of liposuction dates back to early seventies. But it becomes famous nowadays with the various techniques followed by the surgeons using different advanced technologies, according to the professionals of Tumescentliposuctionguide.com

Online PR News – 02-June-2009 – – Scottsdale, June 2009 - “Tumescent liposuction surgery is a non risky one since it was done using local anesthesia. Most of the patients are allergic to the anesthesias, for these patients this technique comes in handy. In this process the first procedure is they will inject this local anesthesia in the body where the surgery should be done. Then the surgeons will use different techniques to extract the fat out of the body with a minimum blood loss, says Mr. Richard Bonn of Tumescentliposuctionguide.com

He added that, “This technique is preferred for the patients who are physically fit but having some 7 or 8 kilograms of more fat in their bodies. Surgeons are recommending this technique to those who had already spent a lot of money in different diet techniques and are not getting any positive results. Tumescent technology is one of the mostly preferred liposuction technologies by the surgeons. Before some thirty years this process was a risky one since it involves blood transfusions, a late recovery rate after the surgery. But thanks to technology, a lot of new techniques are arrived in this process nowadays which makes this liposuction a safe one.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Richard Bonn said, “Some of the differences between the older liposuction and the new tumescent liposuction techniques are: patients will have less blood losses with the later one. There is no need of intravenous fluid replacement in the tumescent liposuction technology. The process of Vasoconstriction will reduce the absorption in the patients who are undergoing this surgery. Since this surgery is done with a local anesthesia, the recovery will happen with in 24 hours period after the surgery. With the help of Bacteriostatic lidocaine we can ignore the possibilities of infections. This lidocaine will be extracted out with the fat. Some of the other liposuction techniques are the Super wet technique, ultrasonic liposuction etc. These techniques will be applied based on the parts of the body undergoing liposuction.

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