Some Friendships Are Worth Keeping!

Cheap Web Design and maintenance: recommend a friend a get a month free.

Online PR News – 02-June-2009 – – London, UK ( Onlineprnews ) June 1, 2009 - Cheap web design company Webworx24 are now offering a great new incentive for all existing customers, providing them with a month free every time they recommend a friend. This new offer enables members to save up to £46 a month, and by recommending 12 friends members will save you up to £552 for the year.

An ( affordable web design service is the main objective for Webworx24 and their fantastic services provided. Adding further incentives to purchase one of their already low cost packages and enabling customers to own a fully functioning website for absolutely free by simply recommending friends definitely an incentive worth taking. Webworx24 are known for not simply offering a low cost service but also for continuously providing incentives to stay as valuable and cherished customers.

Sophia Evgeniou, Webworx24’s head of design explained this week: “Our target customers are those with new, small businesses that are looking for ways to keep costs down in their first few years since their launch. We are all too familiar with the issues new businesses face when trying to make themselves big players in their individual markets, and so we are offering a service that is new business friendly and quite honestly an excellent value for money. We came up with the idea of offering existing customers free months in return for recommendations, because we know that every penny counts in the early stages. We also know that when you launch a business you have contact with a lot of people all looking for the same sort of thing, be it a website, customers or hundreds of other things, and so this offer not only enables businesses to save money but also helps Webworx24 to spread the word of what is a very good service and we will stay like that until we find a better deal to provide to our clients”.

It is incredibly difficult to launch a new business and make it a success, especially with new businesses launching every day, and so using the services of a company such as ( cheap website design company Webworx24 not only puts you ahead of the game but also very importantly by just recommending your friends it awards you with that extra bit of cash to put into other areas of your business.


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