Oled-Display.net gathers all the best OLED devices from Consumer Electronics 2010

Oled-display.net gathers all the best OLED devices at the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show with pictures and videos.

Online PR News – 15-January-2010 – – Highlighting what technology has to offer in this advanced generation, CES 2010 was another event organized to make the impossible happen. The activity which was held in Las Vegas last January 7-10 was purposefully made to measure and showcase as to what extent can companies grow. Attended by more than 2,500 exhibitors and 330 companies, the display was indeed a success.

There were 20,000 new gadgets that were displayed for public viewing and within this 4 days, there were also about 800 resource speakers who were invited to take part in the event. Categories were also made to sort the gadgets and in the OLED Association booth, many made it to the limelight. Some of which are the OLED ID, Samsung 14inch qFHD 3D OLED, LG 15 inch OLED TV, OLED Lightning Lamp and the Samsung 14inch transparent OLED. These five were noticed to have wowed the world with their distinct and unique features.

There were 2 devices from Samsung which stood out. One is the Samsung 14 inch qFHD 3D OLED which produced the brightest resolution and the best image quality during the display. It also has ultra thickness which gave elegance to the device. The second one is the Samsung 14 inch transparent OLED. This prototype notebook is so far the transparent screen device which has the highest resolution and at the same time the highest transparency. Beating the world’s average transparency rate which is 25% this 14” panel is expected to be used in applications from smart phones, notebooks and mp3s.

Meanwhile, LG is also going with the flow with its latest LG 15 inch OLED TV. It was first launched and Korea and it’s worth 3 million won. This is 3.2mm in thickness and has a resolution of 10,000,000:1 and UK can’t contain its excitement as this is the next launching place of the device. This 15” panel is now the first largest OLED TV. The OLED Lightning Lamp and electronic OLED ID were also featured because of the R, W, G, B materials and security feature of the products.

As President and CEO Gary Shapiro predicted, this CES 2010 is yet to be the best event of the year. Different companies like the LG Company even expressed its desire and plan to have something bigger and more innovative gadgets for the following years.