Novels of Nanak Singh - The Punjabi Novelist Released on an Online Bookstore

All Books and Novels of Nanak Singh , The Famous Punjabi Novelist and writer have been now made available online and can be obtained in any part of the world through a new Online Bookstore of Nanak Singh’s Books unleashed recently .

Online PR News – 15-January-2010 – – All Books of Nanak Singh have been now made available online in all parts of the world through a special bookstore of Nanak Singh Ji's Books where you can find all his books on one single webpage. What this means is that it now becomes possible for lakhs of Punjabis around the world to benefit from the amazing work of Nanak Singh in the field of Punjabi Literature .
Nanak Singh has made significant contributions to the Punjabi Literature and has gifted several immemorable books from his pen to the Punjabi Community . His books include the likes of

1. Nanak Singh Di Khato Kitabat
2. Piar Da Devta
3. Svarg Te Usde Varas
4. Gagan Damama Bajia
5. Pujari
6. Pap Di Khati
7. Aadam Khor
8. Door Kinara
9. Rajni
10. Chitrakar
11. B.A. Paas
12. Sangam
13. Soolan Di Sej

and many others which have left a permanent imprint on thousands of minds and hearts . All these books have been very thoughtfully written and hold out great value for the Punjabi reader . His contribution to the Punjabi Literature is very significant . All his books can be accessed and ordered online at