Maternity Health Insurance Should be Purchased Prior to Pregnancy, Warns

In a new article published by, the need to secure maternity health insurance prior to pregnancy is highlighted.

Online PR News – 14-January-2010 – – For couples who are planning on one day starting a family, now—rather than later—is the time to invest in maternity health insurance. It is nearly impossible to get a private maternity health insurance policy after a woman is already pregnant. Yet it is probably the most important financial help a couple can have regarding the future health of their child. A recent article recommends parents, expecting parents, or individuals who just plan to have children in the near-future to request health insurance quotes now if they want to save money.

“Raising a child (or multiple children) can be infinitely rewarding, but it is also expensive,” states the article, ‘What Does Maternity Health Insurance Cover?’ “Prenatal care, doctor checkups, ultrasounds, delivery, etc., can all drain your savings if you don’t have sufficient maternity health insurance to cover the expenses.”

Prenatal care doctor checkups ultrasounds delivery etc. can all drain your savings if you don’t have sufficient maternity health insurance to cover the expenses.

For those who aren’t sure what benefits come with maternity health insurance, here is a list of just a few expenses a quality policy should cover:

1. Doctor’s visits
2. Sonograms/ultrasound exams
3. Hospital stays
4. Tests, lab work
5. Prenatal care, vitamins, medicine
6. Delivery (which can cost up to $6,000 to $10,000 alone!)
7. Expenses incurred if there are any complications (complications can lead to Cesarean sections, premature births, that can cause the cost of pregnancy to skyrocket)
8. Anesthesia
9. Newborn check-ups

Individuals and couples who find a policy that doesn’t cover the cost of the listed expenses should have their health insurance agent customize their policy to include them. Each listed item can cost hundreds of dollars or more, and that’s money individuals will not want to be spending out-of-pocket. Delivery of the baby alone can cost upwards of $6,000—or even $11,000 if there are any complications!

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