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01/14/2010 added a new report on "The Global Motorcycle Report" examines market conditions across Western Europe, North America as well as key emerging countries such as China and India.

Online PR News – 14-January-2010 – – The Global Motorcycle Report

Till as recently as the mid 1980s, motorcycles were relatively simple machines, categorised into only two or three different classes. There was the basic, all purpose bike (also known as the UJM, or the universal Japanese motorcycle), the off road/dirtbike and the sportsbike. Now you have a dozen categories - there are cruisers, dual purpose bikes, supermotos, superbikes, supersports bikes, off road bikes, customised choppers, touring bikes, sports tourers, streetfighters, muscle bikes and many more. ( )

Just like bikes have evolved and become highly focused, specialised machines over the last 25 years, motorcycle markets have also evolved, with each market assuming its own unique characteristics that are surprisingly different from each other. The way motorcycles are conceptualised, designed, made and sold, differs from Europe to the US to Japan and the rest of Asia.

Key chapters of the report :

Chapter 1: Market Characteristics
Chapter 2: Developed Market Characteristics
Western Europe
North America

Chapter 3: Developing Market Characteristics

1. The macro-economic situation in China
2. Development and current situation of motorcycle industry in China
2.1 Output and sales of Chinese motorcycles
2.1.1 By motorcycle model
2.1.2 By Manufacturer
2.2 Export of Chinese motorcycles
2.2.1 Export by engine displacement
2.3.3 Overseas production facility of Chinese manufactures

3. International motorcycle manufacturers in China

4. Negative factors to impact the development of the Chinese motorcycle industry
4.1 The policy to limit and forbid motorcycles
4.2 Lagged technology R&D
4.3 Low product quality
4.4 Export on low price
4.5 Appreciated Chinese currency
4.6 Impact from global market

5. Positive factors and opportunities on further development for the Chinese motorcycle industry
5.1 Policy – “Send motorcycle to countryside”
5.2 Increased export duty refund
5.3 Low prices on raw materials
5.4 Deducted VAT and low interest rate
5.5 Implementation of higher Chinese Emission Standard
5.6 Niche market in cities in China
5.7 Some stable international markets

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