Exfoliating Minerals launches all natural facial cleanser

Exfoliating Minerals is an all-natural skin care company which has a passion for protecting the oceans by making skin care products that work yet are safe for fish and other wildlife

Online PR News – 14-October-2011 – – Exfoliating Minerals is starting out the 2011 Christmas season with an all-natural facial cleanser that’s good for all skin types and the environment. Our founder thought since there are so many people on the planet, why not create a facial cleanser that’s good for everybody but at the same time safe for wildlife too since washing your face ends up going right down the drain eventually leading to the rivers and oceans of our planet. The result is a 100% natural AHA facial cleanser that uses natural acids from fruits and plants to exfoliate your skin without the grit of what some associate exfoliating products with. We combine rich botanical ingredients that nurture your skin while cleansing it because washing your face twice daily can be considered damaging to your epidermis (outer layer of skin) if you use products that contain synthetic (man-made compounds) and this causes the appearance of aging.

"We did some research to find out where everything that we put into our sink drains end up," says Exfoliating Minerals President. "What we found was sad to say the least. It seems that many municipalities’ water / sewage treatment facilities treat the water that comes from everyone’s houses and then since they do this with millions of gallons of water daily it creates the need to put that treated water somewhere, unfortunately that place are the rivers and oceans of our planet, home to fish and other wildlife as well as our futures natural cures for many diseases, an example of this would be; Discodermolide, a recently discovered polyketide natural product found to be a potent inhibitor of tumor cell growth, it comes from deep Caribbean sea sponges, and from the light of this, I don’t think it’s something that we all should be trying to destroy by the products we put down our sink and shower drains daily."

"I believe this was an excellent opportunity to educate the public about our environment and what some are doing to it in a careless way." Exfoliating Minerals President said, "it’s every individuals responsibility to be kind to the environment and if everyone did their small part, it would add up to huge change and longevity of our natural resources, that’s why I created Exfoliating Minerals." He said, "we plan to be a leader by example in the skin care products industry by manufacturing products that are not going to hurt the environment in any way. This is not new by any means, we are a new company but there are many others who have also decided to create natural products as well and as far as I’m concerned, those companies have my blessing and so does Mother Nature."