Robert Hirsch Takes Over As New CEO Of The Elevation Group

It was recently announced that Robert Hirsch has taken over from Mike Dillard as the new CEO of the Elevation Group. More details will be announced next month.

Online PR News – 15-October-2011 – – It was recently announced that Robert Hirsch has taken over from Mike Dillard as the new CEO of the Elevation Group. According to Mike Dillard, the former CEO and the founder of the Elevation Group, more details will be announced next month.

The Elevation Group is a private membership website started by Mike Dillard in December of 2010. The idea behind the creation of the Elevation Group was simple. Mike Dillard wanted to create a website that would in his own words "take you inside the secret black-box investing strategies of the ultra-rich".

Now, less than one year later, it is believed that the membership to this private group has soared to more than 100,000 subscribers and it is still growing steadily (the actual number is a well-kept secret). The success of the Elevation Group can be traced down to a few factors.

With the economy undergoing tremendous turbulence, many people are frustrated and left with feelings of utter helplessness. While the rich were greater richer, it seems that the middle class and the poor are locked in a downward spiral.

Membership to the Elevation Group was literally the game-changer that many people were looking for. Although the website itself does not offer any professional financial advice (in fact, it clearly states that it is not a financial advisory), it nevertheless does, and does it extremely well, provide its members with a very sound and practical financial education.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the membership of the Elevation Group has ballooned so quickly. While there are many other similar paid subscription websites which offer their members privileged information, none apparently can match the Elevation Group both in its scope and depth of coverage.

Robert Hirsch took over as the CEO of the Elevation Group early this month. According to Mike Dillard, more details will be announced next month and he will be formally introduced to the group. With this new appointment, will Mike Dillard be playing a smaller role in the Elevation Group? I don’t think so.

Mike himself describes Robert Hirsch as “one of the best CEOs in the world”. His appointment is therefore more of a strategic move in the Elevation Group. By freeing himself from the day to day running of the Elevation Group, Mike Dillard will now have more time to do what he does best – plan and strategise for the group. Mike Dillard adds: “We’re gearing up to go to war…”

It looks like there will be more exciting developments in the Elevation Group in the coming months. For more information and my personal review of the Elevation group, go to