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I'm a Beer Hound publishes free information and video reviews of Michigan’s own craft beer.

Online PR News – 13-October-2011 – – Lansing, USA : Michigan is famous for a lot more other than the Great Lakes. It is the home town of Gerald Ford. It is also famous for its pizza, the aerospace industry, and for automobiles. Many people do not know that Michigan also makes some of the best craft beer in the world. People from Lansing, Detroit and other places in the state know this well. They are always looking for a Michigan brewerythat makes fine beer. You can find them at restaurants and bars across the state. However, its popularity has somehow always remained restricted within the state. This is sad indeed considering how good the beer really is.

Paul Starr, a beer lover from the state, is now planning to change it. In fact, it is about somebody who did something to popularize Michigan beer. In his website, "I'm a Beer Hound", Paul is attempting to popularize the craft beer of Michigan. Do check out the free beer information here. His aim is to spread the word about Michigan beer to the world. In this regard, he has published information about Michigan restaurants, which serve beer. Use this website to locate all these brewing stores, bars and restaurants across Michigan. Do check out the retailers' listing too. You will also find information on the Michigan home brew supply stores as well. There is even a photo gallery at I'm a Beer Hound.

You can watch video reviews of beers at this website. There are numerous reviews here. Some of them are individual, while others are round table and on location reviews, that have been shot at breweries and restaurants in Michigan. Do watch them to get an idea about the quality of production in this US state. You are sure to find them most useful.See these reviews to find out the best restaurants and bars if you are a resident or if you visit the state often.Kentwood, Lincoln Park and Kalamazoo make some of the finest beers you can find. You can learn all about it on this website.

This website is emerging as a popular forum a place where breweries are able to talk directly to their customers. They can inform people about their latest offers. Consumers are also able to reach out to these breweries what are making craft beer. If you have any questions or doubts, this is the place where you can ask them.

Paul is doing a tough job here. He is covering a lot of retailers, restaurants and breweries. He wants to do many reviews. He is always inviting opinions and comments. Some of the video reviews are from experts, while the others are from common people who love their craft beer. Paul is also providing his own insights in this website.

About I'm a Beer Hound: I'm a Beer Hound is a website dedicated to promoting Michigan's own craft beer. Published by Paul Starr, this website informs readers about breweries in the state. You will find information on restaurants and bars across Michigan. There are numerous video reviews from experts and beer drinkers. Please visit for more information.


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