Health Insurance Leads Are Essential For An Agent’s Success

Solid health insurance leads are the cornerstone of any insurance business. Benepath offers an updated service to get exclusive health insurance leads to agents around the country.

Online PR News – 20-October-2011 – – Being able to work solid health insurance leads is the cornerstone of any insurance business. Benepath offers an updated service to get exclusive health insurance leads to agents around the country.

“It’s no secret that finding good health insurance leads is a major pain in the anatomy,” commented Clelland Green, RHU, CEO, and president of in Pennsylvania. “It’s tough out there and the competition can discourage even the most optimistic soul. However, with solid health insurance leads, the ease of conversion shoots up anywhere from 30 to 50 percent and that means you are on track to reaching your business goals.”

“Is it possible to actually get health insurance leads that haven’t been done to death before you get them? Yes, it is, and in fact, it’s getting easier,” added Green. “If you want those quality leads, leads that only you get to use, you will want to check out Benepath offers you something that will not only help you build your business, but grow it into the future.”

The added bonus of receiving solid health insurance leads is that the agent knows right away that the person has made a decision that they want insurance, and that usually means they are ready. They have made a decision to buy the product over a period of time, and once they have convinced themselves that they need it, they are in the frame of mind to purchase insurance.

An agent with real time, pre-qualified and exclusive leads only has to pick up the phone and make the connection with the person who wants insurance. Sometimes, it is just that simple. This does not mean there will not be any questions asked and that the sale is made right away, but that does happen from time to time. This is a minor issue as most insurance agents know their products inside out and can answer any questions asked.

“When you get your health insurance leads and call the person wanting information, I’d strongly recommend you have their contact information up on your computer screen,” added Green. “Being able to call the person by their first name and discuss their details right away in a personable and helpful manner will separate you from the competition. You aren’t just selling insurance; you are also selling yourself, your business and your level of service. Remember that if you are having a bad day.”

The leads you get from Benepath are delivered to you quickly. “In fact, the leads are waiting for you to call them,” Green remarked. “We offer you a personalized page online with your picture as an introduction to the client. That’s personal. That’s powerful. That converts.”

To learn more, visit Benepath is the leading provider of exclusive health insurance leads. Agents buying leads from can get health insurance leads and Medicare supplement pre-qualified leads sent to them in real time.

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