Being forewarned on your cell phone that a burglar is inside your home is a smart phone decision

A home burglary happens every 8.5 seconds. and that makes the Android WIIA 2.1 Home Security System a no-brainer, that everyone living in a house or apartment needs to have to protect personal possessions, life and credit identity from home burglars.

Online PR News – 14-October-2011 – – “This personal cellular Internet Home Surveillance Service provided by the Android WIIA 2.1 Home Security System is unmatched and without peer anywhere in the burglar alarm industry. Take direct control of your family personal security as a priority,” says Carl Robinson, spokesman for

Android Home Security Camera 2.1 is a 100% cellular covert surveillance camera system. It detects a burglar by built in motion sensor and sends pictures instantly and directly to the users’ personal cell phone or a secure free web mail log when the user is away from home and there is a break-in,” Robinson said.

“According to Robinson “3.7 million home burglaries in 2008 and 3.7 million in 2009, committed across the length and breath of the USA and documented by the US Government. Trust this study. It is one of the things you pay government employees to do -- give you the hard facts so you can make the right decisions.

Within these home burglaries are crimes of personal property theft, robbery, identity theft, assault, rape and the heinous murders of homeowners and renters alike. In 28% -- 2,072,000 of the '08 an'09 USDOJ studies, a household member was present during the a home burglary. In 7% -- 518,000 a household member experienced some form of violent victimization or were shot, stabbed, choked or beaten to death. Android WIIA 2.1 Home Security System provides you with critical home burglary pictures when you need them most – as soon as a burglar breaks into your home if it happens. These burglars do happen – every 8.5 seconds, anywhere and every where.”

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