Fivers World Has The Fever – Know Where To Place Your $5 That Pays Off

Fivers World, a new marketplace for people who want to sell or buy services is recently launched. For as little as $5, anybody can buy or sell services that he needs, whether it is for personal use, for business purposes or just for fun, it is possible with Fivers World!

Online PR News – 15-October-2011 – – The sites works similar with other online marketplace like Fiverr. Joining is easy; one just has to register for free and once the account is set up, posting the service can be done. In this marketplace, everything is sold for $5. Transactions between seller and buyer are all up to them, but Fivers World hopes that both parties keep the transaction clean and friendly. If both parties cannot work out their difficulties, Fivers World will work it out for them.
Once sellers make a sale, $5 will be credited to his account. He can then withdraw the money three days after making the sale. One of the best things about Fivers World is that it offers the lowest commission to sellers at just 10%. To save on paying commission, sellers may withdraw their money once they make five sales.
Some of the best things that people should know about Fivers World aside from giving the lowest commission is it value security, members’ attitude and customer service. Fivers World assures every buyer that the gigs are validated before they are posted and spammers will be apprehended by the staff. The site also gives a big value on members’ attitude to make the Fivers World a cool, friendly and credible marketplace for businesses and regular Joe to work in. Consequently, Fivers World values customers and treats them as family, thus giving a big attention to customer service.
It is created to provide the seller and the buyer a unique online experience. Fivers World wants to provide a happy and enjoyable marketplace where everyone will have fun while making transactions with other members. So if you want to get the most out of your $5, Fivers World is the place to be. For further information about how the site works and its terms and conditions,