A New And Extremely Effective Plantar Wart Treatment Using 1320nm Laser

Plantar warts have been historically very difficult to treat effectively surgery still only cures 70% a new protocol has been developed using a 1320 nm laser which has a cure rate better than 90%

Online PR News – 15-October-2011 – – Plantar warts have been a problem to treat for as many years as I have practiced. The results from plantar wart treatments have been poor at best. Acids and pastes, duct tape are totally unreliable as a cure. Liquid Nitrogen causes a lot of pain and often blisters the epidermal skin on the foot and leaves the patient in pain for weeks to come. At the end of all this pain and grief we often find the Plantar Wart Treatment has failed as the wart simply grows back. There are more cures advertised than you can poke a stick at but again the results and claims made are dubious at best.
Dr Greg Bastin started developing a protocol to treat plantar warts with a 1320 laser around a year ago and for a while it did not seem to have a great effect on plantar warts. As time went by and the protocol was refined the results started improving and finally got to the point where most patients can be treated with only one session of laser. The patients feel very little pain from this plantar wart treatment, most say a few days of soreness is all they experience. The plantar warts change their appearance to a slight reddish brown colour and over a few months they dry up and disappear.
The most exciting thing about this technique is that the results on mosaic warts is still very high with most other available treatments mosaic warts simply grow back. Dr Bastin was recently invited to present at the 17th Annual Dermatology meeting in Xian China. Many Dermatologists were very interested in this new protocol and were equally impressed with the results.
For any patients who have tried to treat their plantar warts unsuccessfully for years this might be the answer you have been looking for.