Infographic Reveals the Best Majors and Careers by Income, Employment Rates, and More

Medicine, CEO among the best career choices; most popular majors not most lucrative.

Online PR News – 13-October-2011 – – Education information hub has released an infographic titled, Getting the Most from the Job Market, detailing facts and statistics on the current job market. It focuses on how earning power varies based on level of education and area of study. It’s easy to locate the desired information, and a clear breakdown by the numbers makes “Getting the Most from the Job Market” a quick way to get the facts.

The infographic includes valuable facts, such as the following:

-- Surgeons are the highest paid professionals, with an average annual salary of $225,390.

-- Nine of the ten most profitable professions are in the medical field. (The highest-paying career outside of medicine is Chief Executive.)

-- Cooks and fast food workers are on average the lowest paid workers, at just $18,540 per year.

-- The average hourly wage of the ten lowest paying jobs is just $9.32 per hour, while the average in the highest paying jobs is $73.86 an hour.

The infographic shows the importance of higher education by illustrating that those with master’s degrees and higher earn about $30,000 per year more than those who did not complete high school. It provides several different ways to analyze the power of each major, with the topics Earnings for the Top 10 Most/Least Popular Majors, Top 10 Majors with Highest Median Earnings, and Top 10 Majors with Highest Employment/Unemployment Rate. While Mathematics and Computer Science is one of the least popular majors, it is also the third highest-paying major at $98,000 per year, based on median earnings.

Using this infographic, students and graduates alike can analyze the outlook for their future career paths. The tool exemplifies the kind of information available on Master-Degree-Online, a resource for those planning futures especially via time saving online graduate programs. The website provides suggestions on choosing a university and major, the types of degrees available, career planning and more.

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