2 Year Old Link Building Company Reaches 400 Customers in 12 Countries

Quantum SEO Labs, formed in April 2009 has reached 400 customers in 12 different countries around the globe. QSL is proud to offer quality online marketing services and is committed to providing quality services to its clients.

Online PR News – 14-October-2011 – – Quantum SEO Labs (QSL), a Canada based online marketing company, originated from humble beginnings has successfully reached over 400 customers in its last 2 years of operations.
The company was built on the belief that there is a void in the online marketing niche, since most vendors either provided lower quality services or fixed packages, which did not necessarily meet clients' needs.
Quantum SEO Lab's success is based on the fact that QSL provides customizable services, which directly cater to clients' needs. In this way, clients never have to pay more than what they want to use.
Yasir, QSL's owner firmly believes that making the client fully understand how online marketing works is half the battle. Managing clients expectations is a tough task in online marketing, but is something which Yasir has been able to successfully attend to.
The company is just over 2 years old and its initial business was started by using cold calling methods to get small sized businesses to sign up.
It now has 30-40 outsourcing staff which work diligently to fulfill client needs.
"Reaching 400 clients was a difficult task" recalls Yasir, QSL's owner. "Normally when you tell your clients you want to do SEO for them, they either have no knowledge on the subject, or they are simply disgruntled because many small business owners have lost money to less-reputable SEO firms", he mentions.
QSL is now one of the leading link building companies out there and ranks fairly well on major search engines. It gets most of its clients directly through the company website.
QSL has a helpful staff which can be reached directly at qslsupport@gmail.com. The company's website is located at http://www.quantumseolabs.com.