Smart Media Technologies To Release Home Page Pays To The Public Soon

Smart Media Technologies a global technology company will soon be releasing Home Page Pays a new product that allows people to change their home page on their computer and get paid to surf the web.

Online PR News – 14-October-2011 – – Home Page Pays is the latest product creation of Smart Media Technologies. While their first product the Smart Media Desktop is still under the process of an upgrade to the 3.0 which will include the super browser and all the other enhancements.

Smart Media Technologies has already released Home Page Pays in a beta test form to some of the leaders within the company.

There have been several live demonstrations of Home Page Pays on various webinars including one by the owner of Smart Media Technologies David Martin.

So what is Home Page Pays?

Well here is an overview of some of the features how it all works for the free members and for the Smart Media Technologies reps that are sharing it:

Free Members who go to Home Page Pays using an affliliate link will receive all of the free features from the Smart Media Desktop, including the complete enhanced Smart Library
Free Members will receive Credits by spreading the word about Home Page Pays system by using the Tell-A-Friend system. These credits will give them chances to Win Weekly Cash & Prizes
Smart Media Technologies will pay our Free Members just for using Home Page Pays to access the Internet

Expanded Education Section for the entire family:

Smart Library
Now expanded to over 300 Exclusive Computer and Internet training videos including the new “How To” Internet Marketing and Web Master Toolkit series, with greatly enhanced Social Media Training series on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube right there on the Home Page Pays website.

My University
This section now has over 2,200 Training Videos from Grade School through College, including our new Stanford and Yale University series

Video Games
Action games – Sports Games – Educational games

Smart Media Technologies has added the fantastic software section to the Home Page Pays system

Next Generation International Bargain Finder
High speed and easy to use
Can be accessed through its own separate icon
Includes “Suggest a Site” and “Rate a Site” features, enabling the shopper to design the features to suit their needs

Customizable modules
This feature will allow the user to design their home page on Home Page Pays to suit their needs, providing the best of the Internet in an instant
Additional Branding Features
Ability to Send Text Messages and Videos to all members, including free members of Home Page Pays.
Real-Time Chat to Free Members (in the future). The company can do this because our Free Users are now Free Members of Home Page Pays
Valuable opt-in information from the Free Members given to the Sponsors.
Unlimited Websites with new Unlimited Category & Sub-Category support.
Unlimited Videos with new Unlimited Category & Sub-Category support.
Real-Time Chat Messaging with other users of Home Page Pays
Video Messages (including to Free Members)
The ability to use these numerous methods (mentioned above) to contact one, many or all free members at once
These are just some of the features to be found on Home Page Pays. There will be many more to come with constant upgrades.

How the concept works is an advertising network created by Smart Media Technologies much like Googles pay per click. Advertisers pay the company to advertise and the company pays it's reps 30% of the revenue and the free members 5% to use Home Page Pays.