First It was Kindle vs Nook: Now Kindle vs iPad on November 15 and All May Be Back Ordered

Kindle vs nook was first, now kindle fire is scheduled to be released on November 15. It is anticipated to seriously compete with iPad with its new features and low price. But it going to be sold out before launch?

Online PR News – 14-October-2011 – – First we have seen the kindle vs nook. Now a new competitor comes into the mix. The release date of the latest Kindle has already been set. Amazon will officially launch it on November 15, and its fans can't wait. Already, the online shopping giant has received more or less 50,000 pre-orders for it.

Simply called as kindle fire, Amazon's new device is going to be more than just an electronic book reader. With its additional streaming, gaming and other features, experts are predicting that it will be a serious iPad competitor and will be way ahead of Nook Color.

In addition to its new features, Amazon is set to sell the new Android-based Kindle Fire tablet at $199. With more than 50% difference, it's giving users a very good alternative to high-costing tablet computers.

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“Speculations have it that the latest Kindle is going to be iPad's serious competitor. That said, it's safe to say that it's going to some notch ahead of Nook Color.

Set to be out in the market on the 15th of November, the Android-run device is being highly anticipated by Kindle fans.”

First it was kindle vs nook now Kindle vs Ipad. Which we see may be putting the kindle to the test.

“Dubbed as Kindle Fire, the said first Amazon tablet is going to be more than just an electronic book reader. Aside from reading e books, it will also allow users to stream videos, surf the net and play games with it. And according to sources, more or less 50 000 pre-orders had already been made since its release announcement.”

“Amazon will sell Kindle Fire at $199. That's less than half the price of iPad and other high quality tablets. With it price lower than it's production cost, surely, it's one of the greatest tech device deals that you can get.”

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“The Apple iPad has easily been the global king of tablets, controlling some three-fourths of the global market. But that's likely to change next month, as Amazon launches its first tablet -- the Kindle Fire.”

“Speculation has been wide that the Amazon Kindle Fire will be the first real competitor to the Apple , iPad you will find no disagreement here. That hardly means the Apple iPad is going away -- it's not. And, it will likely remain the global tablet leader for some time.”

“At this very moment, the Apple iPad is getting a boost, for instance, from the new, highly-anticipated Apple iOS 5 operating system release. With some 200 new features, Apple's iOS 5 free system is seen as a big advance in the battle against Google's Android operating system, which Amazon's Kindle Fire uses.”

“Amazon's new tablet will be released on November 15, but already sales through online pre-orders have been robust -- perhaps on pace to break the iPad sales launch record for a tablet.”

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With Kindle Fire soon available for purchase., it is being predicted that Amazon will stir the technology market. And with its new features and affordable price, it is gaining some leverage in the contest among the gadgets, specifically among the tablets.

Despite the rising anticipation for the new Amazon Kindle though, many argue that it will not be as powerful as iPad.

Nonetheless, Android and Kindle fans believe that it will be a better device than others make it out to be. Additionally, experts think that it will be the choice of the masses. And with its low-price, it looks like that it will really be.

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