Consumers Urged To Learn How To Start An Online Business Before It Becomes A Necessity

If you look for income opportunities online, you'll find they're in great supply. A quick Google search will net you dozens of immediate 'push button' income systems and 'fast cash money solutions'. Mike Purvis, owner of Milobe Marketing LLC and creator of the the IM Success Map system urges consumers to be wary of these offers.

Online PR News – 12-October-2011 – – "There's no question that times are tough." opened Mike Purvis, owner of Milobe Marketing LLC. "People are in some pretty tough spots and money is scarce. We've been urging many of our members that have been 'toying around' with the idea of putting a website or blog online to start taking action now - while they're still working and can build their online business without worrying about paying the bills tomorrow."

"The biggest problem we see is that most of the newer members we have entering our programs are like 'I need to make $300 before this weekend or I'm going to lose my car!' - or get evicted or what have you. We dread hearing stories like this. And when you dig a little deeper, you'll usually discover that the person on the other end of the line has already been trying to make money online for months - sometimes even years hoping from one 'get rich now' scheme to the next. It's really a shame.

What we try to encourage people to understand is that building an online business isn't a whole lot different than starting an offline business... it's just a whole heck of a lot cheaper. Now lots of people will tell you that you can start an online business for free and actually be in profit immediately - don't believe it.

But here's the good news... You can get everything you need to establish yourself online, and be building a real business (not just participating in some 'money exchange' scheme or anything like that), for around a hundred bucks a month - and depending on your needs and existing experience it might even be closer to $50 - but regardless, it's peanuts.

In these uncertain times though, it's more important than ever for people to seek out additional income streams when it's a luxury - not a necessity. If you wait until you lose a job and try to get started online - it's going to be tough - for a couple reasons:

What we try to encourage people to understand is that building an online business isnt a whole lot different than starting an offline business... its just a whole heck of a lot cheaper.

First, when there's no money coming in week to week, additional expenses (even $50), can be hard to swallow - so this could stop you right in your tracks.

Second, it's really hard to focus and be positive about a new venture when you're worried about just paying the bills.

Learning how to start an online business the right way should be fun. We encourage all of our members to build their online business around their own personal passions and hobbies following our systems - and if you're stressed about money it's hard to be excited or passionate about anything.

Believe me - I've been in that situation and it's incredibly difficult to make great progress and be excited every day when you're worried about the lights or heat getting shut off.

And one other thing is that building a real online business that you can be proud to tell your friends and family about (and share with others), takes time. I usually tell our students that with a little dedicated effort every day, you can typically be generating profit from your business in 2 - 3 months time. Some people can do it faster, but that's not 'typical'. And that time frame turns some people off - but hey, being an online business owner isn't for everyone.

For those people that it is a good fit for, we encourage them to get started with just an hour or so a night while they're still gainfully employed. It's always best to ramp things up when it's an option - not a do or die situation.

When I left my $86k/yr. day hob to go online full time it was by choice - and it's a feeling of freedom I wish for every one of our students to experience for themselves."

About Mike Purvis:

Mike Purvis is the owner of Milobe Marketing LLC. He was a mechanic and then service manager for a national automotive brand for close to 15 years before moving online. His first website was dedicated to helping people fix their cars and get straight answers from dealers when they had to be brough in for repair. In the 5 years since the release of that site, Mike has become known as an expert in teaching people how to build a website that generates profit, and in teaching others to follow a much cleaner, simpler path than he followed.

Mike's true passion is helping others learn how to start an online business they can enjoy working in and that provides them the freedom to control their own time and income.

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