Carbon Black Enterprise Security Software Launched

New security sensor saves tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of work filling the gaps left behind by other security, monitoring software.

Online PR News – 14-October-2011 – – Sterling, Va. – Carbon Black, Inc. announced today the release of its namesake software product, Carbon Black Enterprise, a resource-friendly security sensor designed to provide IT professionals with elemental insight into where and when a security incident has occurred in their enterprise.

“When an anti-virus or host-based security application falls short, Carbon Black steps in to fill the gap,” said Carbon Black Inc. CEO, Michael Viscuso. “We’re aiming to save organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours by eliminating the need to do a full forensic analysis or gather lots of secondary or tertiary log data.”

Carbon Black runs on both 32- and 64-bit Windows® based systems, XP through Windows 7. Once installed, Carbon Black logs host-based execution and file system changes. It also retains copies of unique binaries and their associated hashes for further analysis if warranted. An intuitive browser-based interface allows an administrator or investigator to search and sort collected data for rapid analysis following a cyber attack or malware infection.

“Carbon Black is a powerful tool on its own,” Viscuso said. “It also enhances the capabilities of the other security, monitoring and visualization tools many companies already have, extending the useful life of previous security investments.”

The idea for Carbon Black Enterprise was developed after several particularly difficult and costly incident response engagements, when several computer security experts at Kyrus (the parent corporation of Carbon Black, Inc.) broke down the widely accepted process for incident response. They noted not only some gross inefficiencies but also that there was no existing product on the market that bridged the gap between alerting when something bad happened, and a comprehensive forensic analysis.

“The problem with critical incident data is that once the incident is over, there’s a lot of work involved in trying to see if you can recreate what happened. It’s a very expensive and time-consuming process.” Viscuso said. “However, if you were storing essential system data all along, as Carbon Black allows you to do, you just need to look back in time to know exactly what happened. Carbon Black gives IT professionals a much deeper insight into host-based activity faster than any other method.”

Carbon Black – tested in real-world deployments for over 18 months and currently in version 2.0 – is available at budget-friendly and flexible pricing. Those interested in testing Carbon Black can download a 15-day demo copy at

About Carbon Black, Inc.

Carbon Black Incorporated ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyrus. You can keep track of our latest developments by following us on Twitter @getcarbonblack.

About Kyrus

Kyrus specializes in reverse engineering, vulnerability research, computer forensics and specialized software development. It applies those skills to support the security needs of commercial, critical infrastructure and national security communities. For more information visit and follow us on Twitter @KyrusTech.

Recent Media on Carbon Black

“Carbon Black changes the dynamics of incident response.” - Harlan Carvey, author & expert on incident response. Read Carvey’s full article at:

“There is a lot to like about Carbon Black, but two things stick out in my mind as being important. The first is that it is small and simple. It does a few things very well, which stands in stark contrast to so many tools that seem to want to add just one more feature… The second is that it is not just a security tool. If you know exactly what is happen on your hosts, you know exactly what your software “inventory” is doing (or if it is even being used). You can tell if you are in compliance with a range of regulatory requirements (patches up-to-date? unauthorized software running?).

Carbon Black is a tool the entire C-suite can use, not just the CISO.”– Bob Gourley, former CTO of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Read Gourley’s full article at: