Quay Accounts Offers Free Consultation To Local Business Start-ups

Quay Accounts in Exeter now offer a free 1 hour consultation to local businesses or new start-ups who are looking for a local Exeter accountant to manage their bookkeeping and payroll tasks.

Online PR News – 14-October-2011 – – When looking for a local accountant to manage the books for a local business, whether they are already established, but not happy with their current accountancy firm, or a new start-up business, can be a make or break decision. It is important that the relationship between the business and the accountant is a good one.

So, with that in mind any local business, regardless of which sector they are in, should take the time to research and carry out their due diligence, just as with any service they are looking to employ.

There are certain things to take into consideration and to ask the accountancy firm, before taking the plunge. The questions to consider are things such as:

Do they listen to your concerns, or do they mainly talk at you?
Are the accountants appropriate for the size and type of business you run?
How much will their services cost? Do they offer fixed fees?

You’ll obviously want to know what their services are going to cost. So don’t ever be afraid to ask and discuss fully the Accountants fees and also discuss, at the outset, the first year’s fees.

Finally, do they offer a free consultation?
Quay Accounts in Exeter now offer this valuable free hour, so that both parties can gauge each other, ask the appropriate questions and so forth, without any obligation or costs involved.

Peter Tucker, the owner of Quay Accounts, an accountancy firm with over ten years of experience helping local firms, believes it is invaluable. The services they offer include; Bookkeeping, VAT, Payroll, Management accounting and advice to SME’s. Therefore, whatever area of accountancy any local business may be looking at, they are confident they can help and with the free 1 hour consultation now on offer, local business owners can take advantage and meet the owner personally to discuss the things outlined above, without commitment.

For more information, please visit: www.quayaccountantsexeter.co.uk