DealBind Launches a New Website That Brings Daily Deals to a New Level

A new and innovative company DealBind launches a brand new website that takes daily deal shopping to a whole new level. This new website offers deals from dozens of daily deal websites across North America to users all in one location. Stop wasting time searching through hundreds of daily deals and let DealBind do the work for you!

Online PR News – 14-October-2011 – – Daily deals have become the most popular way to shop in many cities across North America including Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver and many other cities. The proof of this craze can be seen by the hundreds of daily deal sites appearing all over the Internet featuring daily deals in many cities and in many different industries. Keeping track of all these daily deal sites and the multiple daily deals each one has to offer can be extremely time consuming. Receiving dozens of daily deal emails from each individual site can quickly fill up your inbox and become quite annoying. When most people saw this as an issue, an innovative and creative company, DealBind, saw this as an opportunity. They have just released a new website, that gathers all of the daily deals from all the daily deal sites around North America and displays them on one website. They also take it a step further and allow you to take all the daily deals in your city from the various individual sites and place them in one email.

As a result of the individual daily deal sites have seen a rapid decrease in their number of email sign-ups, as well as a rapid increase in their number of ‘unsubscriptions’. People have realized they can now unsubscribe to the numerous individual daily deal sites and receive one convenient email with all the same information - what a wonderful, useful and practical idea!

The official launch of the daily deal aggregator website was in July 2011 and since then they have seen extremely rapid growth in the number of visitors and number of subscribers. While many thought the daily deal market was decreasing, DealBind is living proof that the industry is alive and well. In their amazing initial success, DealBind has hired a team of developers to add many different functionalities to the website to not only improve the current user experience, but to enhance it as well. Although they were not willing to get into specific details, expect some big improvements to make your daily deal shopping experience even better.

When asking users why they loved DealBind, everyone was quite consistent in mentioning how they loved how it was free to use. They have found that users were actually not loyal to the daily deal sites themselves, but their loyalty was actually with the daily deals. Users did not care where the daily deals came from, as long as they were saving money they were happy. Another aspect of DealBind users loved was the ad-free site and extremely easy-to-use user interface.

After a very successful first few months in the daily deal aggregator business, DealBind continues to push the boundaries in the online purchasing world. Their low overhead and strong business model have attracted dozens of daily deal websites to fight for top position on their pages. Not only has DealBind found a great way to have a strong successful business, but they have offered a daily deal service that hundreds of thousands of people will find useful.