ClickPoint Software Releases New 800 IVR Call Routing

With 800 IVR Call Routing ClickPoint Software provides both online and offline lead delivery. We host a robust set of automated call routing rules and over 15 reports for you and your customers.

Online PR News – 14-January-2010 – – ClickPoint Software announces new 800 IVR Call Routing system. The 800 IVR routing system is a new addition to the LeadExec lead distribution platform. The system boasts the most robust set of rules for Call Routing available. Incoming calls can be routed to potential clients based on many different automation rules. The LeadExec software lets you purchase 800 numbers right in the software and has over 15 reports for you to track performance, duration of calls, revenue, and more.

In addition to price based routing, round robin, zip code, and voice prompt distribution, the call routing system can deliver calls based on custom rules designed by the ClickPoint Software staff. The LeadExec solution now offers both online and offline lead distribution in edition to a robust live call transfer solution. Never before have so many lead distribution options been available for marketing and lead driven companies. With 12 different lead delivery options including ping and post, live call, 800 IVR, HTTP Post, XML, E-mail, and more LeadExec is providing tools for companies to delivery leads in real time using any available delivery method in one system.

“The 800 IVR call routing was something that we spent a long time on to ensure it was the best solution available. We wanted this system to be easy to use and easy to setup. We made it so easy to setup the rules and buy the 800 numbers that our customers can get their marketing campaigns off the ground in hours not days. ""We now offer every available mode of delivery leads that technology can provide. We are excited about the possibilities and our customers are reaping the reward of many months of development.”

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