Established Website Development Company Launches New Affiliate Program Featuring a Suite of Pre Developed Website Products

2simplifi Web Solutions, Inc. launches a new affiliate program. Affiliates can easily market pre developed website products and business solutions and earn immediate 100% commission payouts every 30 days. No minimums.

Online PR News – 14-January-2010 – – 2simplifi Web Solutions, Inc. is an established website development company that is celebrating it's tenth year in business. To celebrate their anniversary and the new decade, they are extending an invitation to all affiliate marketers, website publishers, bloggers and social networkers to join the newly launched affiliate program.

The new affiliate program is absolutely free to join and will never cost a single penny. The approval process is instantaneous and upon completing a quick registration form, new affiliates will be given an affiliate id and password to login to their account at any time. Once the affiliate is logged in, they simply need to select the code from the pre defined text or banner ads that they would like to display on their website and then simply, paste the code.

The click throughs from the affiliate sites are logged and the referring affiliate will never expire. When a sale occurs, the referring affiliate will receive a 20% commission based on the total sale which will be paid in the next commission cycle, no matter how little or how much the affiliate earned. Once a successful sale is applied to the affiliate's account, they do not need to do anything else, except wait for their commission to post to their PayPal account - 2simplifi Web Solutions, Inc. will fulfill the referred customer's order with no additional requirements from the affiliate, except to perhaps refer additional customers. An example of a potential affiliate commission is provided below.

* Pre Developed Website Product Cost: $292.00
* 3 Month Hosting Cost: $ 87.00
* One Time Installation Cost: $149.00
* Total Sale: $528.00 x 20% = $105.60 commission

Currently the 2simplifi Web Solutions, Inc. Pre Developed website applications consist of the following products.

* 2simplifi Job Board
* 2simplifi Classified Ads
* 2simplifi Real Estate
* 2simplifi Personals
* 2simplifi Website Builder
* 2simplifi Ad Clicks Manager
* 2simplifi Resume Builder
* 2simplifi Online Subscriptions
* 2simplifi eStore
* 2simplifi E-mail Contact Pro
* 2simplifi Help Desk
* 2simplifi Online Registration

And it only gets better. In addition to earning commissions for pre developed website solutions, affiliates will be able to complete a single form to refer individuals or companies that may be interested in customized website solutions. The website needs referral form is included in the affiliate login area, and once it is completed the affiliate will forever be linked to the referral's information that they provided and if a work order is generated, the affiliate will receive a monetary commission percentage for the overall project work order as a referral fee upon completion of the project. The referral fees can amount to $50-$100 for small projects and up to 5%-8% on large confirmed projects.

2simplifi Web Solutions, Inc. offers individuals, aspiring entrepreneurs and companies the ability to quickly start a new home based or corporate website business in less than 24 hours with their pre developed suite of ColdFusion website applications. The company began designing static web pages in 1995. Based in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, they specialize in developing Adobe® ColdFusion® dynamic database applications for all types of companies and industries. They also provide full project life cycle solutions including graphic, database and front end design. All this is available at a modest and sensible investment. They have successfully served and provided internet solutions for a myriad of customers and clients in the United States and around the world. From behind the scenes, implementing major website services and other business software to working with other web development companies and their our own clients, their solutions have been found to be "the answer for immediate and customized website requirements".

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