The all-new OWL system, with vehicle CCTV, will significantly reduce costs in waste management

An innovative new type of waste management solution is available - with vehicle CCTV, on-board weighing and fleet telematics. It is designed reduce costs significantly.

Online PR News – 14-October-2011 – – The all-new ‘Optimised Waste Logistics’ (OWL) is a fully integrated waste management solution, which includes vehicle weighing, vehicle management and vehicle CCTV.

The result of three organisations with different expertise working together OWL is  is an incredible vehicle safety and money saving solution.

Using its cutting-edge integrated live 360° video vehicle CCTV recording system, OWL is will decrease fraudulent claims and accidents – protecting staff members, assets and the public.

Live video vehicle CCTV footage is streamed from vehicle-mounted cameras to any location using its remote connectivity.

Not only will OWL eliminate false and fraudulent claims made against companies but will also provide efficiency savings whilst developing the capacity of the front line staff.

The system works to reduce fuel and carbon usage, increase operational efficiency, and reduce maintenance and service costs – using its vehicle management system.

By monitoring and managing driver behaviour, and educating drivers to demonstrate more efficient driving styles, waste vehicles can maximise the miles per gallon achieved and, ultimately, reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions.

Using its innovative vehicle weighing technology, OWL prevents vehicles from overloading – eliminating the possibility of potential fines, increased fuel usage, increased stopping distances or vehicle damage.

Why vehicle CCTV is useful

Vehicle CCTV is not just used in the waste management industry. It is useful for any type of vehicle. Every day vehicles are met with the chance of being involved with a serious road traffic accidents. Some drivers in the ‘high risk’ insurance group - such as those with have limited experience driving.

If its a business vehicle you may want peace of mind that your actions are responsible and you drive without negligence. This would also apply if you have several fleet vehicles.

With some simpler forms of vehicle CCTV, you can stick it to the vehicle and simply switch it on, off - recording with your vehicle is in a collision.

Vehicle camera systems operate at night if they have infrared. The data can then be transferred to your computer and show you the recorded footage, your speed and vehicle handling, and route via a Google map.

Some vehicle CCTV camera systems allow you to assess if the driver is performing economically and driving safely.

Some vehicle CCTV camera systems even ‘score’ the acceleration and braking of a vehicle in order to rate the driving performance.

By detecting numerous harsh braking and acceleration events, it will identify drivers who need training.

Use your vehicle CCTV camera footage to stop false claims made against you or your company. For those who carry passengers, it will also record them as well, giving you total peace of mind - protecting operates, assets and the public.

Although fully integrated systems must be installed by a fully qualified engineers, simpler ones are portable which means you can take them into other vehicles.

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