New Interview Series Launched on ClickPoint Software

ClickPoint Software is now interviewing industry experts on it's new blog. These guests will give practical knowledge to people starting a new business. There are already several interviews from marketing specialist sharing their secrets to success.

Online PR News – 13-January-2010 – – The new ClickPoint Chronicles Blog now features interviews with industry experts in the online marketing industry. In addition, the blog features interviews of other industry experts in the specialty of SEO, Leadership, Mentoring, CPC, E-Mail, Lead Scoring, and 800 IVR Call Routing. Several interviews are already available for listeners. The interviews are intended to give anyone that is considering starting their own lead based business practical advice. The interviewees will be asked questions that most start- up companies never get to listen to unless they know someone in the industry.
ClickPoint Software CEO Gabriel Buck will interview the panel of experts and ask the questions everyone wants to know.

Questions like:
How do you run a successful business?
How do you create leads?
How do you specifically get your website to rank on Google?
What’s it like to be a mentor and learn from someone who has gone before you?

So far the response from listeners has been overwhelmingly positive. Most companies tell you what you want to hear, but ClickPoint is actually putting their customers in the interview seat and asking them tough questions about their business and life in general. In addition, ClickPoint features guest speakers that talk about what tools are needed to run a start-up company.

"We have a dedication to the success of our customers. Whatever we can do to help them be successful we are going to give it a try. I believe in bringing our knowledge and the knowledge of industry experts to our customers. This format allows us to reach a broad range of potential customers and people who are thinking about starting any business in general. This information should be available to anyone and is on our blog: We hope you enjoy what our guest speakers bring to the table and feel free to ask some questions while you are on the site."

Gabriel Buck, CEO ClickPoint Software

This week we are featuring an SEO expert who will give real advice on how to get your website to rank organically. Next week we are featuring a leader in the Phoenix area that recruits mentors to help youth at risk. As you can see this is a diverse group of guests that can bring value to start-up companies that need tools to get their company off the ground and stay on track.

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